I developed the practice  of examining  my breasts  early. At the age of  eighteen, I went to the hospital and they confirmed that I had two lumps on my right breast, this got me worried and I decided to involve my mummy and elder sister who acted quickly  and booked an appointment  for biopsy as I went back  to study. 

The results of the biopsy confirmed that I had the lumps and this got me really worried, I wept at the Agha Khan hospital gardens for two hours, concerned on the stories I had been told on cancer .I had plans to continue with my bachelors degree at an international university but now I had fibroadenoma. 

I had gone for the biopsy and at some point called my aunt whom I was so close with. She cancelled me to seek a second opinion, my uncle who was also a doctor and had a private office in Busia so I went in to also see him.He encouraged me together with another team of nurses and a surgeon they deliberated on my case and agreed that the wisest course of action for me would be  surgery. 

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I picked up my prescription a few days later and went back to the same hospital for the procedure. When I got there I found that the medication would be costly though my family at this point was very much supportive so everything was to move on smoothly. I left with my uncle and returned home at my aunts house the next morning for the surgical procedure come the following day, I woke up a bit hungry but I couldn’t even touch a cupcake which was my favourite snack since I was to adhere strictly  by the medical rules thus hunger pangs, tummy ache and depression has become part of me. 

On my day of surgery ,I got devastated deep inside my soul and looking at the mirror of my past I could notice that I had changed a lot though I never wanted to show it since I had to be strong for myself, my aunt being my pillar at the moment made me even stronger as my mum was quite far and committed to other duties.While sitting at the waiting lounge at the theater section i saw one young man in a surgical mask and my heart thumped faster.He was putting on gloves and had this sparkling white lab coat and snow white gumboots. He called my aunt aside, they conversed for a few minutes then saw my aunt smile coming towards my direction.This wasn’t good NEWS actually and as I crossed my fingers tightly she led me to a changing room that had royal blue curtains and nature paintings on the aqua walls probably  the designer knew why he had this particular  décor, maybe to calm one poor soul .I removed everything and I remained in my birthday suit and was given a long jungle green gown, I felt awful and this time round tears rolled down my cheeks. 

“All is going to be well Lynn”,she said as i handed her my clothes and finally the doors behind were shut. I stealthily walked towards the theatre section since the floor was cold though the area was spotless. I once again met this young man in the room and looking beside were three others and a nurse who stared at me with plastic smiles covering their faces, I also smiled back this time sheepishly not to show what I was going through. 

The room had bright light’s all over along white surgical table and an adjustable bed beside which I only saw in movies.The bed was adjusted to my level and I was told to lay on my back. I had never experienced this before and as this was going on I could see them prepare for my operation. One of the doctors approached and asked “Do you want to be operated as you see or rather administerd with anaesthesia? “.I chose the second  option as I couldn’t stand the sight of blood and my body open. 

I saw the nurse inject my arm and I after some seconds I blacked out completely. The operation took approximately 3hours and the next day I found myself in a private ward. I was alone in bed but opening my eyes I could be able to recognise my aunt. My whole body was numb and a bit painful,i saw everything in 3D I couldn’t even hear properly and on checking my breast it was bandaged heavily.This scared me even more and my aunt assured me of good health care, she told me of how lucky I was as the lumps removed were not cancerous. 

I felt like I could jump with joy, but  I couldn’t since I was to have a three week bed rest just to make sure the wound heals properly and my natural skin around the open area bestows. My biggest fear had finally been conquered since I had been told that I wouldn’t be required to have any chemotherapy treatment which to me was a nightmare. 

The day I got discharged from the hospital I was excited,though I had to change my routine a bit for my bodies connvinience. I would take my clothes off by my aunt’s assistance, I also would just lay on the couch for hours but when I got bored I would watch cartoons with my young nephew who was like a bro to me, he always made me happy since he acted like a grown young man, he would daily check on me after school which made me even happier and got me thinking of how my family cares. 

This  experience taught me a lot, I mean it doesn’t  matter how young or old one is to make you happy. Family too is one of the best and greatest investment one can ever have since it doesn’t have to be blood. The surgical team to me had become  family for ensuring all was well, my close relations with my friends too played a great role during my time of healing process and above all God in heaven. 


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