When obsessive thoughts take OVER. 

(Compulsive obsessive disorder ) Doublechecking something twice or once in a while is considered as a routine but not at all. You could be trapped in this particular kind of disorder that may be affecting a good number of people in Kenya as well as the world to a larger extend .Mental health experts warn that if repetitive and interferes with your daily routine you could be suffering in silence. 

Well this Is my story…. Growing up in a knit family of four siblings, my dad was really strict on our daily routine .He was known for being a neat gentleman who always had his hair trimmed every weekend and I never saw any single beard and as a kid, well I thought daddy was from a different planet since all men I saw had beards and were way too hairy. 

My school uniforms were always neatly ironed,my white school socks spotless and my satchel washed weekly. Everyone in my school always admired how I carried myself since I was ever neat, whether it rained or when it was dry and dusty. I also ensured my locker was secure by locking it with a small padlock and all my books neatly arranged.One would look at it and think of it as a small portable library but not at all, it was just but an ordinary wooden desk. This continued for a while and when schools closed for the December holidays I was awarded as the most neat throughout the year and at the same time one with the best handwriting, you might think my fingers are gold coated but not at all; they are the normal black hands of a chocolate African lady. Going home my siblings as well as my parents were happy not knowing I had this silent disorder. 

It makes one have super attention to orderliness whether big or small circumstances for example in contamination; one will have inherent fear of infection therefore one will 1:Wash hands thoroughly with a disinfectant, 2:Wear masks and gloves while working in a dusty environment ,3:Walk carefully not to step on dirt and even wear closed shoes for feet protection. 

IN SYMMETRY AND ORDER:one will have a particular object face a certain direction in order to achieve balance which in my case the shoe rack is positioned directly opposite my wardrobe, everything I place at a particular point is expected to be intact .Pictures posted on walls must appear in a certain order for my soul to be at peace. 

HOARDING :There will be a tendency of collecting or holding onto items for so long which with me, I may decide to keep an old newspaper with a nice story or article rather and read it over and over again, at times I find myself unable to toss out some items one may see as useless. 

Magical thinking and intrusive thoughts ,thinking that something bad would happen or was likely to happen ,a certain day ,number or colour is associated with bad luck. Finally when it comes to dating and relationships which is a bit sensitive with many ,individuals with the above disorder have obsessive doubts over suitability in a relationship ,one’s cv ,partner or ones sexuality and depth of feelings when hurt. They just might take decades before moving into a new relationship. They are the so called”ALPHA FEMALES ” which to me It’s  next to being compared to a”FEMALE KING”.


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