Every invention in history is geared towards  making life more’s all about getting the same old task done in the best and quickest time possible .When it comes to the fast pace of modern  living demands all manner of mod cons-foodblenders, juicers,microwaves,ovens,vacuum cleaners ,fridges and increasingly power generators.

The last one is  important because all this gadgets rely on electricity and more and more city homes are getting them as a way to  beat frequent blackouts that can really mess you up-for instance ;when you are in the middle of taking that hot shower or worse ,charging    your  laptop so you can hand in that project…..

What is interesting is how dependant we have become on this gadgets .Indeed,the Younger generation can’t imagine what life could have been like without smart phones and the appendage known as head phones.But i guess it is the same as when my generation growing up, we could not imagine life without great-wall TV! Which reminds me; I was at our home a whisurbu and went into one of the rooms in search of a toy. My friend accompanied me and came across an old Tv set. What’s that?”she asked.Oh,that’s a Tv”,I answered absentmindedly.”Why does it have a face???”It was quite mind-opening for her to learn that back in the days ,TVs’ had faces(the really fancy ones even had doors’),no colour besides black and white ,no remote control ,and only one channel played within certain hours.

I think she now believes i had a deprived childhood. Over the years, it is these same old gadgets  that are internet or rather Wi-Fi enabled that have become sleeker and faster, and caused us to rely on them for almost everything  we do. And dare i add that they have ruined our relationships with our loved ones and have even turned us into mindless automatons as well.

Let me tell you about my experience at home,i happen to live in a surbub where every home has fiber optic cables connection which is like a tradition here.Having lived here for years now we have become used to (spoiled by) this Wi-Fi delightful amenity and actually stopped subscribing to safaricom data bundles a while back.Untill the fiber optic cables were ruined a few weeks ago.At night….

A few hours later it became clear  that the Wi-Fi networks were down and so SOS phone calls were made to those of us who were on the way home to purchase BAMBA 500(airtime).I couldn’t download my favourite videos,games,apps and also stream live on YouTube.I decided to subscribe to the 30day 1GB at only 500bob which i thought would do the trick,there after i streamlived on YouTube to watch THE TREND show live on NTV which i missed and before it went off for a short commercial break the safaricom jamaas’ had ‘eaten’ up to half of my airtime.

I mean ,the whole house came to a stand still as we had been used to freely doing everything on the internet and the Wi-Fi network being unavailable i realized a big change in almost everyones routine,it wasn’t long before i took the skipping rope and began exercising,my sister went out with her bike while my nephew watched Afro-cinema which was totally unusual.

The Wi-Fi connection was put in place and everything went back to ‘normal’but the incident got me thinking about whether modern technology is really helping us or actually taking over our lives.I mean my 85-year-old granny does not bother about Wi-Fi ,most probably he only hears us being obsessed with it when we are around but his life goes on peacefully because he has no worries on connectivity.

Yet when our Wi-Fi connection is down ,i have been known to send frantic messages to ask my close cousin who is also within our hood If theirs has been paid for.Seems like i Can’t live without the internet.

The other day i discovered a YouTube channel named ASAP science ,which revealed the effects of over-dependence on the internet .I think we need to go back to the basics-if only to save our lives from anguish the next time Wi-Fi connection decides to take a break.


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