GyM💪💪,RuGby🏈🏈..Are my cup of coffee. 

Hands akimbo,legs Across! As the gym instructer goes round and round making sure everyone is doing the correct thing one person looks calm and seems to be enjoying every bit of the fitness session ,i am also in my yoga pants this particular guys physique moves me. 

“It is keeping fit not straining “,Nnito says as the rest of the group contiues working out.  

Nnito 22,is a fitness enthusiast. Today he is training young boys of Agha Khan academy on how to keep fit. The eager group is composed of teenagers and also older chaps. Nnito is there to teach them about rugby,its rules,how to play safe in the fields,and also how best to tackle an opponent which comes with incentive for the ability of each player to shine. 

Nnito never imagined that at some point he would reff for a serious club in the country, growing up in Nakuru county,Nnito aspired to become an economist.What propelled his determination was his class five report card which stated that he was a “Bright student “.

Those two words lit a fire on his belly; He was not going to settle less. From class five all the way to Maseno school,Nyanza region, he was always amongst the top in his class .

After high school,he worked at his greenhouse as a strawberry farmer which was quite tedious though rewarding.He later worked at a local fitness center,specifically as a junior trainee. After a few months later,he had mastered the art of weightlifting quite well which made the gym instructor appoint him as an assistant instructor. 

Being a fitness center of its own class made him interact with the likes of Andrew Amonde; the rugby sevens coach, Collins Injera who is also one of the best players in the Kenya sevens Team which was fun and also exposed him to the rugby world ‘which later he made friends with them,an added advantage. 

Come January,he got the chance to study at Kenyatta university school of Thearter Arts.”My marks allowed me to study econonomics,but passion for art made me choose filming.He joined the institute which exposed him to greater opportunities and was just but a step in his hobby”,he says. 

On a Saturday afternoon in mid-2015,reality quickly sunk in. He got to apply as a model at Filamu Agency.Nnito and two of his friends would later stand out and work for the agency being paid quite well and his status back at K.U changed.

“I was once a brand ambassador of the Deacons clothing company,ViVo sports wear which was the best thing that ever happened unexpected “.He says.He also at some point appeared on Tv advert and on a billboard at the central business district that  left ladies tongue waging.

Doing all sorts of activities definetly requires discipline of the highest degree with support from family and close friends is what has kept him going.A few months later after long holidays the same year,while at a friends party he received a call from ‘MR.PRICE‘ Kenya,which was opening a new sports wear line at the West side mall.Nnito equipped,”Look at my physique,i do understand fitness.He got hired.

Three months later,around early May Nnito yearning for more,he started sending out applications to more modelling agencies .He was lucky enough to get a job as a commercial model with’Marini agency where he worked till schools opened in September.

Going back to school,everyone wanted a piece of this young charming man,though with discipline he managed to get over his newly acquired ‘celebrity status’though as a fitness instructor.

This is how Nnito got into fitness Business.”Before i knew and do what i do today,my ass muscles would ache and at times would be forced to stand while others sat” ,he chuckles.

In October ,two months before getting to third year.Nnito was invited to a training session to learn more about fitness.”That first session changed my life,I finally understood physical fitness and started to pester the senior gym instructors to give me more information about fitness.

He has since gone for various training camps in Rwanda and Zambia.He not only wants to change the scope of fitness in Kenya but also Africa at large.


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