FaCEBooK posts won’t make you a WRITER!!! 

Social media has helped develop literature as many writers glean writing ideas from different sources and learn from established authors whose work is sometimes displayed and discussed in these places. 

Conversely, social media is also quickly breeding a group I would refer as phonies, who totally believe they are writers of note even though they have little or nothing to show. This group has choice words for anyone who thinks they are not writers. Such acts are nothing but delusion and any young writer who desires to grow and mark a mark is better off deploying a different strategy. 

Likes on Facebook do not qualify one as an amazing writer or scholar. The simple reason for this is that most people who end up on your Facebook page are your friends. They will most likely be biased and won’t want to annoy you by bashing your work (post). 

Have you ever realised that even the silliest of posts attract likes? Even those by possible paedophiles or obvious falsehoods like Michelle Obama being a man? 

Reliance on Facebook likes as an indicator of how well you are doing is an exercise in futility that won’t add ANY value to your writing. Further, Facebook is more of a public space than it is private. Tagging friends in your posts exposes your work to more people who will commend or dismiss your work. 

I have noticed that many of the so-called Facebook writers who post their work on Facebook have no patience with anyone who faults their writing, which often has to do with the simplest of spelling errors.My take is that if you make a bed, you must sleep on it. Instead of working hard to attract undesirable reaction, a young writer will be better off getting advice from a professional. 

This group of phonies also quickly dismisses and insults other writers, book and newspaper editors. I am a young writer but when I post anything online, iam just a writer and my friends or rather Aquitances decide on whether to read, neglect or even get into my inbox an insult me. I call it life… Either way, i don’t throw tantrums. 

Endorsement from a literature professor or a renowned writer may give you a chance but won’t change people’s opinions especially if it is mediocrity that you are peddling. You can never call a spade a big spoon. Many would-be writers are turning to social media to seek RECOGNITION. They boast about what they have written,and how soon they will be unleashing more’juicy’content. Well, writing and getting known is a slow proces. 

Besides, writers are known for the qquality of their work. People read, critique and rate them, placing at a certain level on the writing scale. I once watched a  ‘writer’ who had self published his work tell the whole world on national television how wonderful his novel was but up to now, i haven’t seen it on the bookshelves or in the hands of a reader. I doubt it was even reviewed. Look, it is your work and not your mouth, that will accord you fame and possibly fortune. 

Clearly, social media has led the creation of virtual groups, some which seem to be made up of activists. However, editors and publishers don’t work with lobbyists; they work with individual writers. They develop their work and also expose them to the world of readers  .At the same time, publishers encourage criticism of published works which is the reason for reviews. I know of individuals who do a number of posts on social media and get like 500-plus likes! My friend go back, get that ass on that bench…oil your elbows and think if the likes are genuine or just to make you happy. 

Ganging up and hating newspapers and /or book publishers won’t HELP your writing. Ask yourself if your cause will add value to you and the world of writing. If it does then you’re on the path to growth. 

The only way you can improve your writing is by writing,embracing critisim and putting to use the ideas you get.It will take time but when reading world notice,embraces and recognises your writing,it will be WORTH the hustle.


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  1. Good one, although a bit harsh. But people who publish their works on social media should embrace criticism and use it to build their work…

    P. S.. Michelle Obama isn’t a man?!!


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