How I found a school/work life balance over the holidays ….🎉🎈🎆🎤🎧

When i look at my calendar for the , next two months the one thought I have on my mind is’how am I going to schedule all the events, travel, school work, events, get-togethers and my family and what’s left for the Year…. 

This overwhelm, unchecked, builds into monumental proportions until I feel as if I am spiralling out of control. And we are not even halfway into the festive season. So instead of looking forward to some down, reconnecting with family and friends and enjoying upcoming travel, we start to dread our full-to-do lists. And then in January, we resume our lives with wistfulness and longing for ‘just two more days’to wish away the fatigue. So this year, I am choosing one ed and tested techniques to see me through the holiday season not only in survive but well rested and adjusted. 

Don’t overschedule.

We have a tendency to say yes to everything during the holiday season,ending up overbooked and frazzled.Unless you need to accomodate someone with whom you are only in the same physical space with once a year,during the holidays,why not plan for next year ?Trying to commit to five events every single weekend is not only bad for your SANITY, but also prevents you from truly enjoying either of them because you are already thinking about the next place you have to get to.Balance is key and is worth fighting for, you will thank your calendar when the festive season is over and you are well rested as opposed to being out of control. 

SWAP FAVORS:one thing i discovered the other day was that i had quite a number of’genuine folks’whom we went out and had fun together.But one thing i noticed was that we would spend so much purchasing what we already had,to curb on this i decided to be preparing pilau and fresh juice from my place and carry it on our picnic bag at once.Instead of going to high end restaurants offering the same services at a costly price .By doing this i realized we had saved a huge amount of money that helped purchase a camon camera instead which we use to take nice pictures on every trip we make instead of hiring a ‘photographer’.This has really saved us from the selfie-stick  menace and has made each one want to enrol for photography classes.

TLC:If you have a workout regime or healthy lifestyle,do not neglect it just because you now have a socially packed calender.Continue with the same routine of taking good care of yourself as you did before the holiday.

Tips1:-As much as you can avoid it,do not overschedule your social calender.

2:-Continue to take care of yourself as you used to before the holiday season.


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