WHAT HAPPENED to dressing elegantly to weddings?…. 

I have been to a number of weddings since i keep on getting invitations from friends, friends of friend’s, relatives,cousin’s and oh yeah recently my elder sisters wedding which makes my list endless.Am not a fun though, since my schedule is quite weird but then i don’t mind this invitations at all. I mean, who doesn’t like ‘wedding habaneros’after long week days of attending shoots and editing people’s work at the news desk.Being a journalist also gives me a keen eye on issues one could never notice or even think of. Back to my story anyway… I have noticed a disturbing trend, amongst young women at weddings. 

Firstly, a wedding, whether conducted in an open air market like Muthurwa or conducted inside the precincts of a major and imposing Cathedral, remains a very solemn affair.This is one event your girlfriend wants your absolute support so that it goes on smoothly.I see girls dressed skimply at weddings nowadays, he he..not that i put on buibui and a serious hijab round my head to match my outfit .Not really, ain’t a Muslim either….and ain’t condemning their dresscode. Not at all actually i admire its decency. 

I just shake my head in disbelief. If ever there was a need to have a perfect day, many a bride will confess that it would rather be their wedding day. Therefore, the young women who turn up at weddings to witness that indeed one less competition is gone should have the decency to dress properly. You don’t go to a meeting where the Almighty is supposed to keep close tabs at you and you are as haggard as they get!

Going to a wedding has got much more than just showing up at the wedding venue to be counted .You must plan and come out looking elegant and blissful. But unfortunately a majority of young girls do not invest in time and thought when it comes to selecting wedding attire. ​

SCANTY DRESSING; They just throw on any garment that they find as soon as they thrust their hand into the wardrobe. As a result many girls  in weddings show up looking like yesterday’s food leftovers. Secondly, this is a social occasion where people from all walks of life. If you cannot respect the clergy with your scantily assembled outfits in the name of high fashion to a wedding, at least have decency to the rural folks who rise up in the ungodly hour just to make it to the big center in time to witness their girl getting hitched or their son bringing home a woman. 

The rural folks besides being deeply religious have their non-negotiable social ethos.But when they come to weddings to major towns only to have their eyes and their calmness assorted by reckless and shameful outfits in the name of’SWAG’,it is descpicable.Granted ,it’s okay to consider that you are still single-and you are ready to mingle with some hot groomsmen-but this should NEVER be an excuse for you to feel tempted and throw on your daring mini-dress.

The elders at the wedding Will keep on wondering if you forgot your clothes at home assuming what you have was supposed to be part of the undergarment. 

Remember lots of pictures and video will be taken to make this occasion memorable .So you don’t want your pals to watch the wedding video ,seething with anger for turning up looking like you  came straight from a *strip club or worse off borrowed attire from a hardworking nocturnal worker.

If your girls had the so called’brain tissue’they would figure out that this one social event that you can use to brand your damn self as the next candidate to walk down the aisle could as well turn out being’thitimaah’and you could end up kucheza nikaa umepigwa radiii!!!

In addition,who wants the newly acquired in-laws to start assuming that in another wedding on another day,that would be their bride dressed like a mannequin zile pale MR.PRICE Tom Mboya street .


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