BONIFACE UNbounded .

Boniface Mwangi is an award winning photojournalist involved in sociopolitical activism through his initiative”TEAM COURAGE”.His mother being a business woman  Made him visit different parts of the country at a very tender age. Mwangi was moved to live with his grandparents  home in Nyeri central Kenya when he was only six years old. He later moved to Nairobi in a low income surbub of Ngara, High rise in Majengo, Githurai before settling in Pangani. ​Mwangi dropped out of school and helped his mother vend books to raise money for his basic needs, which probably nurtured him never to quit in life having come from a poor background. 

With all the struggle Mwangi went to school and studied Mass communication which will later make him work as an active journalist in the Kenyan Media industry,Boniface made his decision to quit active journalism after witnessing and documenting post-elections violence in kenya the year 2007 as a photographer for one of the main leading newspapers.The experience made him suffer postraumatic stress and depression;and he was also directly affected having to move temporarily,he got frustrated and had to cover the same politicians that had incited violence but still remain unpunished.

His first initiative was based on his persnonal strength;project ‘picha mtaani,swahili word for street exhibition showing pictures of the evidence that happened in 2007 after the national elections,between different tribes.This traveling exhibition was shown around the country for people to discuss reconciliation as well as promote national healing.This was later complimented by a documentary’HEAL THE NATION’which is being shown mostly in slum areas.​

Following this initiative Boniface has continued to develop stronger human rights stance in his work on fighting(political and corporate)impunity,speaking out against bad and corrupt political leadership and promoting message of peace for the elections that were to be conducted in the year 2013,with initiatives such as:’MAVULTURE and KENYA NI KWETU ‘which has gained a large support base.His latest initiative being PAWA254,a hub that he has largely funded himself.It is also a platform where artists and activists come together and discuss change towards the Kenyan society which benefits all citizens.​

Boniface Mwangi.

“Good work never goes unrewarded”,and with support from other activists Mwangi has won awards which include:MOST INFLUENTIAL AFRICANS OF 2014-NEW AFRICAN MAGAZINE.


FOTO EVIDENCE AWARD-SPECIAL MENTION 2011.Only to mention a few since there are so many awards Mwangi has continued to receive.

Mwangi is also the founder of STREET EXHBITION’a traveling exhibition that was part of an effort to make people know how to live in peace to avoid fighting one another which absolutely adds no value.

In 2011,he spent proceedings from his personal investments to found as well as fund a creative hub,PAWA254,a collaborative space that brings together journalists,artists and activists seeking innovative ways to achieve social change.

Boniface,away from the limelight is a family man.A father of three young cute children namely;Simphiwe,Sifa and Mboya.Thus the saying’behind every succesful man their is a woman and for Mwangis case it is Hellen Njeri Mwangi who has stood by this man through thick and thin.

Mwangi has passion for change in society and has written books which are as well inspiring.Seems like he is a jack of all trades at a young age of 33 balancing both family and social life is actually not a walk in the park as many see it.People like Mwangi have the power to change the image of this country and the society at large.