MEETING Lynda Ogutu…💝🎥📷the news ANCHOR. 

Have you ever admired somebody so much that you want to meet them? Dine with them or even shake their hand ? Perhaps being young and  leading a normal life doing house chores,partying,watching movies and taking selfies every time,at events you had that cappuccino a young person like me would term that as LIFE ‘.

But no,suddenly you feel  like you want to lead an extraordinary life adding value to yourself and society at large.You know you want to be successful, but completely have no idea where to begin you are not alone, apparently that’s what I’m going through but then i have come to learn that success is a JOURNEY, take it slow and easy but don’t forget to be young because growth is a process. 

When i was a kid, i was watching my favourite cartoon when evening came.My dad took the remote control  and switched to KBC which was by then like todays KTN NEWS to catch up with the seven o’clock news.I wasn’t disappointed either because it was a norm and seven was ‘daddys time’with the tv and so i had to respectI


I decided to join dad in watching though being young,i had ZERO interest in news since i knew it was meant for older people.Adults are boring anyway but then this time i decided to also keep up with the boredom.

I was keen on everything and the lady introduced herself… “Welcome to today’s seven o’clock news, my name is LYNDA OGUTU”…that’s when I got charged and even got interested in knowing more about the lady and what she did on television. 

My interest for television grew day after day,this was especially the seven o’clock news not because i was interested with it but then there was this lady with similar name to mine that always made me excited everytime she mentioned it.

I at times would forget to be at the TV area by that time,but then daddy would call me,we would the then sit quietly at the sofa and watch this young ,beautiful lady read news and this would make me very excited .

That was my first encounter with Lynda ogutu,which at a tender age made me have a keen eye for the media ,which i didn’t know would later be my area of interest in terms of my career.

One day i just told myself i was going to meet her but not with much belief.I think some people are just blessed by God with the gift of making impact.After i cleared my primary school,i really had that one desired long holiday before matiang’i had been appointed education CS.

I was always drawing,riding bike with my friends and  also went for picnics which i still do up to date.I did this for a while and time came in march when i was to join a prestigious high school in March.All of a sudden the desire to be like my name sake came back and i decided there was no turning back.

I don’t understand how it happened all i knew was her commanding feminine voice and beauty that made me admire and wanted so much to work with her.Everytime i introduced myself in class and even outside,one would come and ask if by any chance i have interacted with her or if i’m closely related to her.

I would smile and at times laugh when my folks said i talk like her.How could that be possible when my body size,being a form one and quite shy were just complete opposite of what my name sake was.I kept on pushing my dreams and everyone in class knew that i really wanted to work for the media.

In form two,i happened to meet Ian Mbugua at an open forum and felt like my dream was beginning to turn into a reality because i had only seen him on tv as a judge in Tusker project fame show.

I would caligraph my name as’that anchor ogutu’in all my text and exercise books and many thought it was a weird obsession when it was an honest admiration that flowed from the heart.Days turned into weeks ,months…years and more people would ask me the basis of my name.At times i would just say it  is a coincidence but then one at times would want me to justify which i did.

I continued keeping my dream alive this time by writing short stories and giving to my friends to read.One fine day,i woke up and wrote an article but then i said to myself i won’t keep it.I sent it through POSTA and had a feeling it was going to be published though i also wasn’t very sure about it .

My dream came true while i was still in the same class,during my coffee break a student called Noel came looking for me.The girl was known for being such a drama queen and a joker too but then i chose to listen to what she had to say .

She broke the good news for seeing my article published on the Sunday Nation Newspaper and this got me really excited.My classmates congratulated me for the achievement,and in a few weeks time my status in school had totally changed.But being an introvert,i kept it low.

Being published is every young writers dream,and mine was not an exception.This got me writing even more stories and that is how i seriously began writing.I mean,i didn’t begin this the other day as many GREAT authors acknowledge.Even though people made fun of my name at some point i still had my teachers,family and i am greatful to God for them.

At some point,when i began blogging which was my LAST option.I got blocked by individuals and even left whats app groups because of intimidation but i got a lady by the name Sikuku and Mr.Gabriel Dinda who told me to wake up ,shake off dust and continue racing which made me believe in myself once again.

Both told me of how they had made it at some point in writing which was an eye opener to me.”You will never go far when you STOP and throw stones at every dog that barks”…is what has kept me going through this tough and rough life.

I read articles from different writers and learn a new word every single day,i also watch tv and still see myself meeting Lynda Ogutu and  working at the standard Media at some point.i don’t know why ,i can’t  answer myself either but iam destined for greatness.Never be afraid of reaching stars.

people will always say things that hurt you but the Allahs’ grace is sufficient and it is the anchor we can hold unto.If you really want to meet somebody to or rather be like the person just go ahead and DO IT!This has made Part of my dreams turn into reality which at some point i  never thought would happen.


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