Where the mind awakens,🏃as the body UNwinds👒.That’s the spirit of DUBAI. 

Dubai is probably the favourite destination outside  the country for many Kenyans.Mention the city,and somebody around you knows someone who has been there,. works there or planning to go there in future. 

 To be honest  I’ve been a great local tourist but not an international one,I’m usually heading to more popular spots along the sandy beaches of Zanzibar  and Mombasa Kenya.But Dubai,i discovered is one of the greatest places to take that trip you’ve always yearned for-the flight can be scheduled depending on where exactly you want to depart before continuing with your journey.

With the latest airlines having all the facilities and comfort one deserves for that long destination. ​​

There are these five major places one would not want to miss if you decided to visit Abudhabi and they include: 

1.BURJ KHALIFA:It’s the tallest building in the whole world and stands 828 meters above the ground.

This height is damn crazy if your not used to such.That is approximately 8KICCs’ stack on top of each other.YouDubai

buy ticket(s) for a lift to the top where the top looks like a scale model with the persian gulf shimmering the background.

2:THE DANCING FOUNTAINS Right next to the Burj​ Khalifa is are Dubai fountains.A tourist magnet on their own ,with music from hidden speakers blaring in the background,the fountains ‘performance’is a sight to behold.

Majorly at night,7p.m. when  the city is bathed in light and the music even more enchanting in the quiet city.​

3.TOUR OLD DUBAI:For those who have been to Mombasa old town,this is more like it.Before skycrapers went thrusting into the sky from the bowels of the earth,Dubai was a quaint little city.

Characterized by narrow streets,with buildings from coral stones.

4.CITY TOUR TO PALM ISLAND:You might have heard of the ‘artificial islands’created by the United Arab Emirates.Built from sand and rock,the objective was to turn Dubai into a major tourist destination.

The island is a prestigious address and big hotels call it ‘home3’ ,the biggest being Atlantis  ,The palm ,a massive 1 ,539-room resort.A slow tour around the island reveals a quiet haven,if you have the money to call it home.​

5.SHOPPING AT DUBAI MALL:Shopping usually forms a key part of a travel itinerary ,as you look for souvenirs and some items that might be hard to find back home.

Dubai as a melting pot,provides an opportunity that is hard to miss ,so you can split off in a team and hire a taxi to any of the massive shopping malls here .

If you feeling like splashing some cash as the cabie*takes you around the(Tenth largest shopping mall in the world)or the mall of the Emirates.If you’re feeling a little cautious with your cash and looking for a bargain ,the Deira city center is for you.​