Ladies DO NOT,ⓟⓛⓐⓨ Wife yet!! HAVE FUN… 

Do not play or be in a hurry to play wife yet to your man unless he has put a ring on it.

 Sometimes i wonder where some people were brought up from… They act as if men are over in this world.Who on earth dates a man with four kids!! And a wife to take care of back in’shags’My friend in campus,the devil is a liar… Why don’t you just concentrate on your studies. 

Graduate and get independent.For crying out loud!You can afford that meal at God knows where! When the rest of us wear”cheap mitumbas“,you come in Vivo outfits.At the end of the day we sit in the same class and breath the same air but my question is.. Where do you get that “MONEY “from? 

Am not against looking good.But you can as well be decent without exposing too much skin and cleavage,sorry to us who got‘peanuts’in the name of tits! Woe onto you if you are engaged for experimental purposes. 

To hell with exhausting your sexy back by bending it all through the weekend trying to scrub the dirt off his walls and jeans! After all he’s a man,kwani how does he cope with that while you are away during weekdays?

Can you be serious for once ladies.They want you to look good, smell minty,have perfect nails,nice curly hair, nice shoes yet they don’t chip in. Don’t fool yourself… Let them not take you to”JAVA“for coffee.It’s way too common, can’t you see???Even mama pima can as well afford it!! 

Because you think you love someone so much,don’t go ahead and sacrifice your happiness to make ‘stupid people‘happy!

There are things you can actually die for…As to me and my generation,will die for”German machines“.Don’t follow my example because it’s so simple.You only do this when you know your‘class’and where you‘reside’period!!!And i repeat”Thou shall not play marriage,till he puts a marriage band on thy finger…

Another one for the ‘weekend‘.If he invites you for that’sweet episode‘on his apartment.Eat his food,drink that’Jack Daniels‘on his fridge and sleep all you can with the TV remote on your hands.​

Remember to leave dirty dishes and laundry in the laundry bag​!He is a man after all .He should know how to manage his‘own’before he owns a wife of class.Don’t give a damn!Let him step on the frame if he thinks you’re lazy!

There is no way you will play wife as he plays undecided boyfriend with you!At some point,you will get fed up after realizing your friends are spinning”lamborghinis“while your busy chasing after”Toyotas“.

The current generation of men is full of sissies who belong under their parents roof,but are lucky enough to have their own roofs.My dear future son,Lynncy won’t let you be part of this poor upbringing.

Otherwise you will send your beauty and brilliance to an early grave.


No WHERE be like Africa NO WHERE be like HOME!! 

There are some things about home that i find comforting because they are as familiar as the palm on my hand.These are quirky occurrences that prove we are rarely stuck for survival solutions and they have really helped me appreciate our unique identity as Kenyans. 

I am talking about the ice cream vendors who dot our suburbs. Thanks to the, people with tight budgets or busy schedule can have an affordable creamy snack on a hot day. 

Alternatively, a sudden craving by anyone -walker or motorist -for this delicacy (honey or coloured cream) can be fulfilled without much fuss.The ice cream vendors have recently been joined by sugarcane vendors who will ‘expertly’ chop the sweet stalk into manageable bites using a moderately hygienic method and at a very modest price. 

Alongside these speciality snack operators are the ‘mama pimas‘. Women who appear as if by magic whenever there is a new building coming up. They make it their business literally -to ensure that the builders don’t go far to get food.

Luckily,this menu is not restricted to builders so anyone especially the common mwananchi with the right amount of money can partake of porridge,tea and mandazi in the morning or ugali/chapo, beans and greens at lunchtime. 
The customer service (s) offered by these vendors beats anything you can find in the plushet hotel. Another hallmark of home sweet home, although it’s been awhile since i travelled to my country side is the “scarecrow “technique .

This is a means used by farmers in my home town to keep away birds and other predators from spoiling crops in the farm.In a homestead you’ll find an ‘ugly -looking ‘kind of structure .Some even got caps and rugged clothing, and needle like fingers standing right in the kids of a farm(big and small). 

When i was a kid,i remember throwing stones at one particular scarecrow and when it seemed not to react, i screamed my lungs out and ran away for help,to God knows where.

Sometimes ago i remember visiting my grandparents.I wanted to unwind and at least have a tot of fresh air,away from the bustle and hustle of the city.While walking and chatting with my young cousin (Martin),i noticed that most homes had shambas’with millet and i knew probably they were in season. 

We continued with our journey to the community borehole that was a few metres from the church where my granny was a Canon.I heard strange sounds coming from this particular shamba and as the wind blew harder,the noise became unbearable and so i ran away, little did i know that it was an old thread that had been mounted to this particular scarecrow that made the noise. 

Since my cousin couldn’t catch up with my kipchoge pace he decided to stop and look around.I was still panting and my knees we’re quite weak from the running. He came towards my direction laughing though by then i couldn’t figure out anything funny.I got angry and asked him why he was laughing at me. 

Thank God he stopped and held my hand consoling me.Later on he told me that the noise came from this particular scarecrow we had passed from at a certain shamba. Oh, Lord! How could this be possible? Being young and intelligent he explained everything clearly and i was convinced to continue with the journey but with a different route. 

We reached the borehole and found a small group of people. Being used to tap water,i was a bit fascinated by it and i decided to give it a try. 

I pumped water and filled my water bottle, it was cold and i gave some to Martin as well. It was great seeing my old buddies and i was given some wild fruits to eat on my way home. And now that is the beauty of country side. 


After writing my true story on obsessive compulsive disorder last year,i found out that it was great and worth sharing what people suffered from yet they didn’t know. But then I discovered that i also have Obsessive compulsive German car-rides disorder.(OCGRD) 

I love the sight of German machines my family members,colleagues,friends and even my inner circle know this.Over the decade that we’ve been hitched, i just can’t seem to get over this beasts.My bestie got his quirk too.We all hate the sight of ‘Chinese’vehicles.Which is why, after closely interacting with him,i have diagnosed myself with OCGRD. 

Basically,OCGRD is an incurable but manageable rides disorder.Which afflicts both genders.It is characterized by obsessive thoughts and German -Rides behavior such as; continuous checking of DT dobie show rooms to see whether there are any new arrivals of german cars (strictly). Prompted by a congenital fine stuff syndrome. 

There is only one way that OCGRD can be managed,one is through savings or if you are lucky enough to be a member of an affluent family like me.Then you got, your dreams valid. 

QUIRKS:”Normal”folks got choices on what to ride on and when .And many times,i believe the cravings get the better of the poor patient and at times they puke or even vomit seriously at the sight of any‘Japanese car’.

which are always on the road being driven by the ‘common’lots of ordinary mwananchi.I am known to seductively gaze at german machines,especially the ones’with fine round ‘ass‘like the beamer.

:Once you fall in love with a German machine,you will definetly understand better what my experience has been.You normally feel like the whole universe is coming to a stand still.And that is during the crazy Nairobi traffic hour,when i go home from my daily business.I always feel like’Obama’amidst the Toyotas’around the Westlands round about.

When i carefully overlap not to scratch my ‘babe‘and normally every car stops just to give way to him,how sweet.

One evening ,i was thinking of trying ‘sea food’together with my BF(Best amongst friends)and i decided to let him ride alongside my chiwawa *Bo to Tratoria.

So i load my babe with the usual stuff and we are good to go.He comes right inside on the front left and makes sure his seat belt is in place,same to me.I start my beamer and fix my eyes to the windscreen .Changing the music from ‘Bongo to Monday Blues'(our favourite genre).

The gears are automatic so we even hold hands while i spin with my right hand in a very steady motion .I reach my hand for some refreshment just When we are at the Uhuru highway and bestie stares at me.

The journey is becoming more interesting as we enjoy every bit of the ride.But then looking outside i see people talking about the ‘German machine’being driven by a beautiful young lady.

When i look at my besties’eyes the expression on his face says it all,as he swears:”Oh my God ,Lynn i feel like proposing to you already”.I say No,but he insists(in a joking manner).And now that’s OCGRD-related denial.

SELECTIVE AMNESIA:After our long conversation and my ‘treat’at the restaurant about how i got my german machine,which came alongside hefty importation cost.

On that Same day my bestie wanted a German machine better than mine though,i couldn’t hide my joy as i screamed and hugged him so tightly as though i had seen a caterpillar.I was happy for him because our German family was growing bigger With finer ‘babies‘.

We organised on the day to order and bring the baby home.This was going to take like two months.But a person with OCGRD does not forget about a german machine until he/she gets one for themselves and normally they develops selective Amnesia.

And we both learnt that,the very same day bastie talked about getting himself a German machine.His OCGR got the better of him,and he kept on checking on his laptop the numerous colours and models they came in.Going back home,we stopped at DT dobie,he saw exactly what he wanted,though one with a different shade,he looked at me a bit disappointed but happy.

I stared back,held his hand as if I wanted to say something but then i did’nt.A young man looked at us from a distance and followed us.He was kind enough to take us through the whole basement.

Honestly i felt awesome deep inside.We both talked to the manager like for an hour ,later bestie exchanged contacts and the final deal had been sealed!

We got back into my German ‘babe’,and that is how i found out that we both had finer”stuff syndrome”.


1.Are the qualities you find attractive,qualities that will last a life time?

 Looks fade with time.Do not be swayed away by good looks as they go…. What if that handsome husband of yours gets involved an accident God forbid!!What if he gets to be operated on his face.Will you stand his fracture or will you leave him… people loose money as well, it can reach a time when his business is ‘down’or that high  position he used to hold goes…How will you act? Mansions and cars can go but can you stand by him,when all is gone…

2.Do you enjoy each others’company even when you are doing nothing?

At times it feels good just lying bare chest on top of those “chocolate abs”when listening to music or just doing nothing .In this digital age ,it wouldn’t hurt if you switched off that iphone for just 6hours or even more.

Have your ‘time’together and learn to speak without phone(s).Are you in love because of the things you do together,or do you genuinely enjoy being around Your man even when you are bored,unhappy or moody.

Remember,living with someone is about being able to go through the day to day humdrum without loosing your attraction for each other.

3.Do you feel like you have to be or look a certain way to keep the love of your life ?

This is now being’caged’.My dear sister in heavy foundation…Just see your life!!!Wake up in the morning and make him that coffee while in his big T-shirt,flip flops and tie your hair in bun and take it to bed.

If you have to put on some lip gloss as early as 5:00 O’clock in the morning!I can tell you for free that your doing it for another woman,the answer is simple.If someone can not stand seeing you without makeup then it’s useless since God created ‘us ‘women to be beautiful naturally.

Am not against women wearing makeup but it should be limited .If you feel like you always need to dress up or look perfect ,or speak in a certain way.My friend that relationship is doomed.

Your future husband will love and appreciate you as you are and vice versa.So don’t scratch your skin in 3D and have piercings all over because you’ll sound like a’sufuria’ next time you fall on that pavement.And by the way mugabe said”I’ve never seen a scratched Mercedes Benz,chevro or even a chopper”.So next time you think of having that’TAT’.Just know you are a ‘cheap machine’.

4.Do you feel self motivated to improve yourself when you are with your partner?

This is one of the “BEST”signs you can ever find in yourself.If you feel inspired to improve yourself and be a better,more loving ,caring person because of your interaction with your loving ,caring partner then consider your relationship as that one of “Obama and Mitchell”.

Remember,this is not the  same feeling as forced to keep up with superficial qualities.Just know that not all men can cook for you that steamy-hot spaghetti and minced meat when you come home late after a long day from the office.Learn to appreciate both big and little “HE“does for you.

5.Is he kind,caring,and patient with everyone?Not just you?

How your partner treats others is a mirror to how he’ll treat you and the rest of the family members when you get married.Am not a prophet…they say…I don’t know who says What!

When he calls or texts you late in the middle of the night.Do not be sad or rather ignore.Appreciate that goodnight text,morning,evening or even midday chat because you don’t know how much  time he gets just to put that smile on your face.

Allow him to sleep beside her ‘little angel'(shara)because you don’t know how it feels to be a ‘father’as much as you cope with the ‘shit’baby does when daddy is away.


Unlike many who  give up when their manuscripts get rejected.Boniface sagini is now an author.His writing started back in high school where he would write poems and short stories for his classmates to read.He continued that way until he began writing seriously with the aim of publishing a book some day. 

It was during our usual writers lounge meeting that I checked on this particular post on Facebook about the launch of it got me thrilled and by exactly two o’clock i was at the venue.I walked straight away to FORD HALL but I got a little disappointed,this is because I couldn’t see anyone.

 I quickly checked with the security guys and one of them directed me towards the amphitheatre.This time round I was relieved as i sat down with the rest of the audience. Logedi ‘the penguin of Maragoli land’got us entertained with a variety of exercises.

We had several ‘warm ups’which mostly included number work.He made the challenge more interesting by letting us introduce ourselves and the counties we came from.People are different and unique in there own ways and we had a “Nairobian“in the house…haha how funny.

After the deal was done,he ushered in the father of budding writers Mr.Gabriel Dinda who looked excited.He spoke of how the new year had began quite well.With him was a copy of the my network pull out.He was at the front cover and everyone clapped even before he could utter a word.

He said many had congratulated him enough,though as humbled as Mr.Gabriel has always been said we should forever aspire to do bigger things in life .Being Saginis'”wedding day“,he never spoke much.He sat down and gave the days guests a chance.

The first guest was Mr.Job Mogire a researcher at Harvad Medical school,Executive director at house of Mastery, a doctor and also author of the book-Bold grasp.

He talked about his journey of success having learnt at ‘Kerongorori‘high school in Kisii county one of the village schools which had never produced a university graduate.

Mr.Mogire told us of how he sat for his chemistry paper,confident enough that he was going to get a perfect grade despite the fact that he was being taught by a teacher who was not even a university graduate.This according to me was “self belief“and “confidence“.He scored well and secured a place at Moi university.

He at some point talked about writing a story that won after being elected at the students council that would later make him study at Harvad university.He closed the chapter by saying “You may not see somebody at the office in the UK,but you got the power to write and land at that place because of what you are writing”.There was a round of applause from everyone at the end.

The second guest was Mr.Robert Kiprono,the cabinet secretary Education,I.C.T and mentorship at World youth programme who ‘majorly’talked about THE MEN.

He spoke about men commiting suicide at a higher rate,unlike women who shared their’challenges’with others.He spoke about Mr.Obama shedding tears while talking about Mitchell which to him was an overwhelming experience.

“Shedding tears is not a sign of weakness by a man”.He said.It is a way of being yourself.Another round of applause came in as he continued speaking and finally we had our last guest from Royal Media services,a radio presenter Mr.Erastus Sorobi who crowned the moment.

He never spoke much due to the unlimited time but i remember him saying that each one should strive to focus on what they do,and do it best in order to be succesful in life.

I was among the ‘chosen few‘together with miss Vera Omwocha who got to unveil the dummy book as the camera men did their work.I felt like a celebrity when the camera lights kept flashing on our way.I felt great,i felt like the book author.That awesome feeling when all eyes focus on you.

Finally the book was launched.Having the money was not an issue.At least 20copies of the book were bought that day.To me that was a clear indicator that our Writers Guild family is growing bigger and going far day after the other.

HE said it on-20th-JANUARY-2016.

Four days from now there will never be this day,time flies so fast days move as wind.People come and go, others give up on the way but i call it life.

It will be so unfair of me not share what Mr.Kendo my specialized reporting tutor taught me.I had a note book and a pen, i was at peace with my inner self and i grasped every single word he uttered for I knew I’d loose my notebook someday so i just had to put it down here. At least this way i won’t have time looking back again. 

We always came to class by 11:00 o’clock to catch up with his unit,but on this particular day. Everything was unusual.He greeted each and Evey member in class with zeal, especially being a new year.

We all had excitement lit in us but little did we know that he was going to give us the reality test check in life not only after school but the real world. 

“Take out your note book “.He said, and “write this words”.That’s where it all began.

1.Life is not fair get used to it. Work to improve your own status. 

This one got me asking questions but i also had my answers.We never choose where we are born and brought up but we are the moulders of our own destinies!!! Life won’t care if you are the presidents son or heir.Which many of *us dream about… 

That’s is why behind every surburb there’s always a shanty! Ask yourself why it is so…. Why do you think there are international schools and public schools? …Why do others drive German machines to work when others walk bare feet to their so called ‘offices ‘?…why do others afford a britoin suits yet others cover up in rags!!!

 This is the bitter truth about life so you better get used to it!!! Tomorrow i just might meet you at the petrol station to fuel my beamer and looking up is you the cash attendant!! My friend don’t feel ashamed it’s destiny…. Don’t worry so much.Just get used to it! 

2.The world won’t care about your self esteem.Todays’goals tommorows success.

The world is quite a weird place but don’t be afraid to be what you want to.Some of the greatest news anchors were very shy while growing up but if they wouldn’t have come out of their cocoons then we wouldn’t have them.

Journalists are feared by many because of the truth.How hard is it just stick to our lanes to avoid traffic?Some people will love you because of your job,while others will want to ‘finish’you for the same but know what you stand for!!!

3.You won’t make your first million right from high school;

The moral of the phrase is that..(Whatever some people have, they’ve worked hard for it).Aspire to have the finest life can offer but then make sure you acquire it legally.Work smart to get that jeep you always wanted but do it in the right way,for you will know how costly it is and definetly take good care of it.People will only respect you from the look of’things’.Don’t be surprised 20years later to have body guards around you when you used to walk alone and have your‘mulika’stolen in town.

4.If you think your teacher is tough,wait untill you get a boss!!!

Coming back to school is normally a ‘great’challenge.Especially after the festive season.As we are speaking  am still on holiday!!It’s not that i hate school but it’s because  i am my ‘OWN’ boss.I don’t have to meet any deadlines ,neither do i have people to follow up!

It’s fun trust me…but as i continue writing this post,i remember some day in life i’ll have to beat schedules,attend press conferences’s.Lord!in suits…how i’ll miss my skinny jeans and converse shoes but then I won’t mind as this will be part of the so called transformation.

5.Working hard and smart and being good,your parents were even working harder.
At times we*think we are doing great favour to our parents by going coming to class.We don’t appreciate the little we are told at home.What we do is listen to music in class,eat those yummy samosas at ‘students center’and go home late claiming to have had a *tiresome day in the evening traffic.When in real sense we did totally nothing!!Karma is a bitch my friend….20years later expect the same or even worse from your son or daughter i don’t know if i’ll have one but Lord have mercy on ‘US’your children.

6.If you mess up,it’s not your parents fault .So don’t you worry about them!Wake up shake off the dust and laugh about them.

I’ve been told my family,friends,colleagues,friends of friends of other friends that i don’t take life seriously.Yeah,it’s true i don’t but that doesn’t mean I joke all the time.It doesn’t mean that am flawless In short,what i mean is that do not take everything so seriously,you will end up looking like a 65year old when i’ll be of the same age but looking like a teenager.  

7.Before you were concieved,your parents were not as boring as you they are;Before you save all this plan for your future.

Honour each day especially in school because some people you take for granted now,will never appear in your life.School life is quite awesome.On Fridays you get to party hard.On sato*you sleep the whole day.When Sunday comes you still nursing the Fridays hangover as you brush through the assignments you’re to submit come Monday.Parents know their kiddo*is studying hard when in real sense you  are partying.My friend,keep up with the same spirit but when graduation day comes…utajua izo majina si class rep huandika.

8.Life is not divided into semesters,and it won’t give you a break (DO IT YOURSELF).

Some people pretend*to be too busy for life but then you can’t see exactly the “busy”part they claim to be.Have time for school and spare some for your best friend(s).Remember friendship goes a long way.Organize road trips or set a date …go have mad fun with your *Arif and truly they will honour you forever.Just remember to keep your promises dude!!And all shall be well with you.

9.Television is not real life.(people need to step off their comfort zones and go to work)

Every other day you admire Lilian Muli and Alex Chamwada!You want to dare abroad just like he does…You see him board prestigious vip airlines just to get news from the middle East and you think he has fun right?

He has earned it.You want to be like them yet you miss classes from day one to the last day of the semester…haha.Watch us*fly UAE as you continue dreaming your dreams.Just know that bruh*Nothing good comes easy!If you feel like you can sue me.Well and good!Let’s meet at the supreme court na utatambua Maraga ni nani kwangu…

10.Learn to listen so that you may learn to understand.

Always know when to speak.Where to speak.What to speak.Whom to speak with and finally how to speak.You will never have challenges with anyone if you adhere to this FIVE golden rules…

11.Be nice to people,chances are you might end up working with them or for them.

Destiny is a bit tricky.You might not see your classmates’ significance today, but what will you do when you discover that he is the same person you despised years down the road but then today he becomes your boss…Don’t despise anyone since you never know about tomorrow.

​12.Finally,as i am doing the final bit of my class story …I want you to remember that your school may have been done with both loosers and winners but DON’T compare this to real life situations.

Don’t worry when that fine lass dumps you for a sponsor .You might be as broke as hell for now since we all have place to begin but don’t let that looser come back to your life after she sees’ your insta post with your fine#babymoma*away at Copa cabana.Stick to your plans let’s not mix our present with the past…and NOT even the future.


It is amazing how making a little difference in what you invest your energy in can go miles away to boosting your enterprise. It ranges from simple but powerful gestures such as that warm and cheerful smile,such Powerful salutation of your customer(s) to being impeccable at what you do. 

Take an example of Kenya airways one of the leading airlines in Africa.Having been to different destinations , I’ve interacted with a number of this beautiful young women.Immediately you get to the customer care desk,the smile they give you….Lord have mercy.

They are so kind,they’ll make sure you are as comfortable as possible throughout your flight.Asking you whether you’re enjoying the flight or if your happy with their services they’ve got suggestion kit where you can easily contact them.This kind of treatment will make you use,the Kenya airways flight over and over again.

Another pleasant surprise for me came in handy the other day when I got into a salon and i got treated as if, i was the only customer within thenobods. It’s not that there were no people around. It’s the salons norm to offer the best to their customers. 

To be on top,always make sure that your customers get that perfect service or warm salutation to keep them coming over and over again. This is happening, all over the world.The other day I shopped at a local grocery store and i was given free bunch of bananas. At first ,i was reluctant but after the lady at the store insisted i decided to take it. Later i realized, the bananas we’re being given to all the loyal customers at that store. First impression really matters in many areas of business….. 


Confidence matters a lot when it comes to business.personal composure and believe can earn you a healthy sel . Adopt the same. If you are selling African attires for example or you are a designer like muhoho Kenyatta.Wear your designs and your clients will be impressed about your beliefs in your work. It will attract more buyers and with more money, you will definitely be set up for financial take off. 


You can entice new customers by coming up with small gift ideas for example purchasing a pair of shoes and getting a free make up kit absolutely free.This will definetly attract more buyers especially women and this means that your days’ sales will rise.These gifts will capture new customers as well as lock the old ones.


Starting a business and succeding in it is not an overnight venture.You grow it,live through losses and other dissapointments but if you are patient then you will make it.When in verge of giving up ,think of matatu operators.The competitition in this industry is stiff yet new contraceptions come to the market every other week and squeeze into the little space left.

The secret to shining in such a competitive world is to offer superior services.Customers will troop to you to the envy of your competitors.


You see today the banks and supermarkets that were in town centers are now your next door neighbour(s).Same to that mama mboga,and the jamaa who always makes your nails is always checking out for you like everyday.Literally these are real businesses going to their customers.These days,if you don’t have clever ways to enable you reach your customers.You might end up having good products that are rarely sampled .

Everybody is becoming aware of this new approach to business.once again think of the fresh vegetables and fruit sellers who deliver to your doorstep.The produce is fresh and this reduces the hustle of spending hours in traffic to get the same from the market.

KEEP UP WITH TIMES:Search the internet for the latest trends and follow suit.Keep improving your products and service as you keep abreast with modernity.Research will as well expose you to innovative ways of running a company or doing your business.

ARE IN BUSINESS FOR PROFIT; Always keep that in mind!Friendship and money should never confuse you.My friend!Wake up and smell the coffee…you’re not running a charitable organization either.You are in business because you want to make each coin count and also secure yourself financially.Thus,do not view it as a by the way;that you are doing it just for the sake.Without enthusiam,you can as well close your damn*shop and  get your ass home!!!

GROW IT: Let nobody lie to you that AliKo Dangote together with Donald trump made it through without critisim !!!You must aspire to spread your wings like an eagle and fly highest.If you start as a mere*cleaner,have a dream and work smart towards having your own cleaning company.Don’t ask if am still living under my parents roof because am planning to acquire a mansion this year.I know you won’t believe it but all in all ,it is important to have a dream.But have a plan as well!!​


Words✌ Anyone 🐰should never FORGET!! 

1.The most selfish one letter Word “I”AVOID”it!it’s a killer word, it* doesn’t care… Who? Why? Where? When? How?It happened.

2.The most satisfying two and letter word “WE”.use it as a way of assurance to somebody.For example if a close friend losses their kin on a road accident.You will mourn with his/her family but by getting closer to them and telling them”We are together in this”.Is enough to keep them strong…

3.The most used four letter word“L.O.V.E”.Value it.We hardly choose where we are born and brought up but we can love those individuals who play a great role in taking good care of us.We later have siblings who we also love and not forgetting our parents who make it complete.And this we call family LOVE.

4.The most poisonous three letter word”EGO“.Kill it!!!We have seen leaders rise but then later fall because of their ego.

5.The most pleasing five letter word”SMILE“.Keep it.You might be tired by how people treat you,but don’t hold grudges.Keep smiling,one day they’ll get tired of it because you proved them wrong with a smile.

Mr.Obama amazes us all the time with a smile.He doesn’t care much being one of the most powerful men in the world.What he does is SMILE.

6.The fastest spreading Six letter word”RUMOUR“.Avoid it!You might have heard of a best friend talking behind your back.Don’t waste energy fighting them.Find about the truth and let go.Do not let rumours ruin your friendship.

7.The hardworking seven letter word”SUCCESS“.Achieve it.In todays’ world.Everyone wants to be in the limelight for having that lamborghini.That nice hair…That big mansion!We all want to be succesful in one way or the other but then we have to be patient since  Rome was never built in a day!!!

8.The most enviable eight letter word”JEALOUSY“!!Distance it.We are human beings and at times in life we get to a point where we kill to acquire.It is so unfair of ‘murderer(s)’who take away innocent lives.Just to get a fair share of what they never sweated for.But why?it is because of jealousy.Be content with whatever little you have.One day you will acquire what you dreamt of but on one condition.WORK SMART!!!

9.The most powerful nine letter word”KNOWLEDGE“Acquire it!!We go to school to get good grades,we make friends but we never forget our main goal(s)which is to get knowledge.Not only about books but the world in general.

As for the tourists,they believe that by spending money on visiting different parts of the world,they are able to acquire knowledge on culture and other aspects.

10.I was once in junior school,and at some point in sunday school.I know Moses broke the ten commandments.They were divine and so is”FRIENDSHIP“.People marry out of love,money,security,class,religion,but the best thing among many couples is that they got married to their best friend.

Don’t you ever despite that friend you had in juniour​ school.Part in good terms.Keep it!Some day you will thank me….


Kipruto,an energetic confident young man is a Jack of all trades.Coming from an affluent family of hardworking parents is a bonus as well.I mean…who will think of going to the farm when they are from a well to do background.Most of his friends refer to him as Kip.Is Professional pilot, a bike enthusiast and a strawberry farmer.

Yes,a farmer!!! It may sound a bit odd, for someone with all this kind of qualification(s) and ability to be a farmer.To him,farming is one way of unwinding away from the skies and bush rides as a biker.

I got interested in how kip juggled flying,bikes and the jembe.Many youth of his age are normally busy house partying unlike Kip. 

We stroll in his quiet Hood as he talks about his strawberry farm back in Nakuru county.At 21,he now regards himself as a ‘strawberry pro.He is the head farmer with another team of four guys who help monitor everything around the farm when he is away on busy days.

He began farming three months after graduating from the prestigious Kenya school of flying based in Nairobi.”There is no pressure,i work under my own terms”.He chuckles. 


“My flying skills have not gone to waste either,i only fly four times a week depending on my boss’s demand.Funny enough,we get to work for an extra hour during the festive season and have breaks In January”. 

On the other hand,biking is one of his favourite hobbies.We get to their home,in quiet surbubs and am amazed.A blue beast stands at the well manicured garden and he tells me,it’s one of his new bikes.I touch the brakes, look at the rims and I feel the saddle which is quite an amazing experience. 

​”Bikes are the way to my heart”.I love bIke’s, am a speed junkie and hondas’are my thing”.He says.Kip also rides alongside his cousin a brother and are both members of Rift valley motor sports club.His brother rides a light green -KX250F(model).Which is a high perfomance speed bike.

We then get to the dining area and some mouth watering strawberries strike my eyes .”You can have some”.He say as ,he streches a green sieve-like bowl towards my direction.I take some and they are juicy.​We take our sits,and he stands once again to get a variety of the berries.​

The ones he grows are known as June berries although having a green house is an added advantage since he can grow and harvest them throughout the year.Being new in the market,the demand is high yet the supply is low and this forms a gap in between.Therefore big companies are forced to import the berries from other bigger producers.

Strawberries are used for a variety of purposes like in perfumes,chocolate,juice,and also forms part of a healthy snack .Two pieces of berries are equivalent to two oranges.The berries take a period of three years to grow fully ,ready for harvesting.

The stalk is plucked,and the fruit is therefore free from contamination.They are then placed in colourless perfoperforated clamshells,which are bought from a local guy who delivers them on cash basis and makes it easy for branding purposes.

Since strawberries go bad for a short period of time,there is normally ready market for this and the delivery is done by trucks with multiple coolers.Kip basically supplies the strawberries at a local supermarkert which is apparently booming at the moment.He plans to retire at 35,and run his company in years to come.He encourages young people to embrace agribusiness for a better future to cut down unemployment rate.

RWANDA REBORN; Kigalis’ CULTURE  heart… 

Well last time i had a dm on my instagram account and a number of people who were curious to know if truly i was Rwandese.I had my profile details amaze quite a number,trust me when i tell you am Rwandese.My complexion,skin colour and height speaks out… But that is a story for another day. ​​

Early 2014,i met this good friend whom we played doubles with and had a chance to visit Kigali for a week.This was for the finals as well as for team building and here is my story…

The changing skyline of Kigali Rwanda has experienced a sustained period of stability and a rapid economic growth in recent years.There is only one dedicated guidebook on Rwanda and it thinks the capital is so boring.”Kigali has so many tourist destinations”,it warns,you are likely to spend more days unlike you expected!!!

Most tourists to Rwanda follow this advice but i was a different one since as an African,a typical one for that matter i tend to appreciate any culture.

On our first day we visited the Akagera savannah,the Nyungue jungle and the gorilla rich volcanoes national park.But this was totally different for both of us since a majority of tourists only stopped to visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial Center,regarded as one of the best museums in Africa.​

It seems unfortunate that the citys’ main attraction should be linked to past memories.Well that particular month marked the 20th anniversary of the genocide,and over the years Rwandans have worked hard to define themselves by something other than just suffering.

This effort has brought Kigali a reputation for blandness and repression-Roads are super clean ,plastic bags banned,architecture is uniform but beneath the reserved surface i find a luminous;musical city,as optimistic and welcoming as any in Africa.

Stopping at the Ivuka arts center on my first day,i almost lean on a giant heart sewn together from scarlet condoms.The Ivuka center  piece of Kigalis’ handful of galleries and workshops,and its programmes director,charles Kizito,has a pertinent warning about the town.”i’ve seen it again and again.Kigali calls people back.That is why i call it the “mysterious magnet”,he says.

Our guide,Marie dos santos,introduces us to her neighbours as we continue with our journey;milk sellers,mechanics,drapers,chapati-makers and musicians.

Explaining the history and ethnic variety of her cultural practices,and it’s sturbborn refusal to be developed as well as embraced.She makes us aware of the current trends in tailoring from senegal.

Everywhere here is safe ,infact no other capital city can be navigated so widely,at any hour,without harassment allowing Kigalis nightlife to be greedily explored .

An hour or two spent at the executive car wash,in kimihurura,confirms Masambas views on the power of music.This bar,beside a highway and hidden by a low wall,is a kind of open-air dance hall,loud and vivid divided into rickety,slipshop segments.Nyama choma-Kenyan-grilled-land turns all night on the enormous barbeque,to be washed down by primus and vin-debananae ,while we danced under the stars to the awesome music.It is the best club i’ve ever seen.It is also,literally a car wash….

This was a one day experience,with people of Kigali and i couldn’t wait for the night to pass for morning to awaken us to hotel des Mille colline.