Words✌ Anyone 🐰should never FORGET!! 

1.The most selfish one letter Word “I”AVOID”it!it’s a killer word, it* doesn’t care… Who? Why? Where? When? How?It happened.

2.The most satisfying two and letter word “WE”.use it as a way of assurance to somebody.For example if a close friend losses their kin on a road accident.You will mourn with his/her family but by getting closer to them and telling them”We are together in this”.Is enough to keep them strong…

3.The most used four letter word“L.O.V.E”.Value it.We hardly choose where we are born and brought up but we can love those individuals who play a great role in taking good care of us.We later have siblings who we also love and not forgetting our parents who make it complete.And this we call family LOVE.

4.The most poisonous three letter word”EGO“.Kill it!!!We have seen leaders rise but then later fall because of their ego.

5.The most pleasing five letter word”SMILE“.Keep it.You might be tired by how people treat you,but don’t hold grudges.Keep smiling,one day they’ll get tired of it because you proved them wrong with a smile.

Mr.Obama amazes us all the time with a smile.He doesn’t care much being one of the most powerful men in the world.What he does is SMILE.

6.The fastest spreading Six letter word”RUMOUR“.Avoid it!You might have heard of a best friend talking behind your back.Don’t waste energy fighting them.Find about the truth and let go.Do not let rumours ruin your friendship.

7.The hardworking seven letter word”SUCCESS“.Achieve it.In todays’ world.Everyone wants to be in the limelight for having that lamborghini.That nice hair…That big mansion!We all want to be succesful in one way or the other but then we have to be patient since  Rome was never built in a day!!!

8.The most enviable eight letter word”JEALOUSY“!!Distance it.We are human beings and at times in life we get to a point where we kill to acquire.It is so unfair of ‘murderer(s)’who take away innocent lives.Just to get a fair share of what they never sweated for.But why?it is because of jealousy.Be content with whatever little you have.One day you will acquire what you dreamt of but on one condition.WORK SMART!!!

9.The most powerful nine letter word”KNOWLEDGE“Acquire it!!We go to school to get good grades,we make friends but we never forget our main goal(s)which is to get knowledge.Not only about books but the world in general.

As for the tourists,they believe that by spending money on visiting different parts of the world,they are able to acquire knowledge on culture and other aspects.

10.I was once in junior school,and at some point in sunday school.I know Moses broke the ten commandments.They were divine and so is”FRIENDSHIP“.People marry out of love,money,security,class,religion,but the best thing among many couples is that they got married to their best friend.

Don’t you ever despite that friend you had in juniour​ school.Part in good terms.Keep it!Some day you will thank me….


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