It is amazing how making a little difference in what you invest your energy in can go miles away to boosting your enterprise. It ranges from simple but powerful gestures such as that warm and cheerful smile,such Powerful salutation of your customer(s) to being impeccable at what you do. 

Take an example of Kenya airways one of the leading airlines in Africa.Having been to different destinations , I’ve interacted with a number of this beautiful young women.Immediately you get to the customer care desk,the smile they give you….Lord have mercy.

They are so kind,they’ll make sure you are as comfortable as possible throughout your flight.Asking you whether you’re enjoying the flight or if your happy with their services they’ve got suggestion kit where you can easily contact them.This kind of treatment will make you use,the Kenya airways flight over and over again.

Another pleasant surprise for me came in handy the other day when I got into a salon and i got treated as if, i was the only customer within thenobods. It’s not that there were no people around. It’s the salons norm to offer the best to their customers. 

To be on top,always make sure that your customers get that perfect service or warm salutation to keep them coming over and over again. This is happening, all over the world.The other day I shopped at a local grocery store and i was given free bunch of bananas. At first ,i was reluctant but after the lady at the store insisted i decided to take it. Later i realized, the bananas we’re being given to all the loyal customers at that store. First impression really matters in many areas of business….. 


Confidence matters a lot when it comes to business.personal composure and believe can earn you a healthy sel . Adopt the same. If you are selling African attires for example or you are a designer like muhoho Kenyatta.Wear your designs and your clients will be impressed about your beliefs in your work. It will attract more buyers and with more money, you will definitely be set up for financial take off. 


You can entice new customers by coming up with small gift ideas for example purchasing a pair of shoes and getting a free make up kit absolutely free.This will definetly attract more buyers especially women and this means that your days’ sales will rise.These gifts will capture new customers as well as lock the old ones.


Starting a business and succeding in it is not an overnight venture.You grow it,live through losses and other dissapointments but if you are patient then you will make it.When in verge of giving up ,think of matatu operators.The competitition in this industry is stiff yet new contraceptions come to the market every other week and squeeze into the little space left.

The secret to shining in such a competitive world is to offer superior services.Customers will troop to you to the envy of your competitors.


You see today the banks and supermarkets that were in town centers are now your next door neighbour(s).Same to that mama mboga,and the jamaa who always makes your nails is always checking out for you like everyday.Literally these are real businesses going to their customers.These days,if you don’t have clever ways to enable you reach your customers.You might end up having good products that are rarely sampled .

Everybody is becoming aware of this new approach to business.once again think of the fresh vegetables and fruit sellers who deliver to your doorstep.The produce is fresh and this reduces the hustle of spending hours in traffic to get the same from the market.

KEEP UP WITH TIMES:Search the internet for the latest trends and follow suit.Keep improving your products and service as you keep abreast with modernity.Research will as well expose you to innovative ways of running a company or doing your business.

ARE IN BUSINESS FOR PROFIT; Always keep that in mind!Friendship and money should never confuse you.My friend!Wake up and smell the coffee…you’re not running a charitable organization either.You are in business because you want to make each coin count and also secure yourself financially.Thus,do not view it as a by the way;that you are doing it just for the sake.Without enthusiam,you can as well close your damn*shop and  get your ass home!!!

GROW IT: Let nobody lie to you that AliKo Dangote together with Donald trump made it through without critisim !!!You must aspire to spread your wings like an eagle and fly highest.If you start as a mere*cleaner,have a dream and work smart towards having your own cleaning company.Don’t ask if am still living under my parents roof because am planning to acquire a mansion this year.I know you won’t believe it but all in all ,it is important to have a dream.But have a plan as well!!​