HE said it on-20th-JANUARY-2016.

Four days from now there will never be this day,time flies so fast days move as wind.People come and go, others give up on the way but i call it life.

It will be so unfair of me not share what Mr.Kendo my specialized reporting tutor taught me.I had a note book and a pen, i was at peace with my inner self and i grasped every single word he uttered for I knew I’d loose my notebook someday so i just had to put it down here. At least this way i won’t have time looking back again. 

We always came to class by 11:00 o’clock to catch up with his unit,but on this particular day. Everything was unusual.He greeted each and Evey member in class with zeal, especially being a new year.

We all had excitement lit in us but little did we know that he was going to give us the reality test check in life not only after school but the real world. 

“Take out your note book “.He said, and “write this words”.That’s where it all began.

1.Life is not fair get used to it. Work to improve your own status. 

This one got me asking questions but i also had my answers.We never choose where we are born and brought up but we are the moulders of our own destinies!!! Life won’t care if you are the presidents son or heir.Which many of *us dream about… 

That’s is why behind every surburb there’s always a shanty! Ask yourself why it is so…. Why do you think there are international schools and public schools? …Why do others drive German machines to work when others walk bare feet to their so called ‘offices ‘?…why do others afford a britoin suits yet others cover up in rags!!!

 This is the bitter truth about life so you better get used to it!!! Tomorrow i just might meet you at the petrol station to fuel my beamer and looking up is you the cash attendant!! My friend don’t feel ashamed it’s destiny…. Don’t worry so much.Just get used to it! 

2.The world won’t care about your self esteem.Todays’goals tommorows success.

The world is quite a weird place but don’t be afraid to be what you want to.Some of the greatest news anchors were very shy while growing up but if they wouldn’t have come out of their cocoons then we wouldn’t have them.

Journalists are feared by many because of the truth.How hard is it just stick to our lanes to avoid traffic?Some people will love you because of your job,while others will want to ‘finish’you for the same but know what you stand for!!!

3.You won’t make your first million right from high school;

The moral of the phrase is that..(Whatever some people have, they’ve worked hard for it).Aspire to have the finest life can offer but then make sure you acquire it legally.Work smart to get that jeep you always wanted but do it in the right way,for you will know how costly it is and definetly take good care of it.People will only respect you from the look of’things’.Don’t be surprised 20years later to have body guards around you when you used to walk alone and have your‘mulika’stolen in town.

4.If you think your teacher is tough,wait untill you get a boss!!!

Coming back to school is normally a ‘great’challenge.Especially after the festive season.As we are speaking  am still on holiday!!It’s not that i hate school but it’s because  i am my ‘OWN’ boss.I don’t have to meet any deadlines ,neither do i have people to follow up!

It’s fun trust me…but as i continue writing this post,i remember some day in life i’ll have to beat schedules,attend press conferences’s.Lord!in suits…how i’ll miss my skinny jeans and converse shoes but then I won’t mind as this will be part of the so called transformation.

5.Working hard and smart and being good,your parents were even working harder.
At times we*think we are doing great favour to our parents by going coming to class.We don’t appreciate the little we are told at home.What we do is listen to music in class,eat those yummy samosas at ‘students center’and go home late claiming to have had a *tiresome day in the evening traffic.When in real sense we did totally nothing!!Karma is a bitch my friend….20years later expect the same or even worse from your son or daughter i don’t know if i’ll have one but Lord have mercy on ‘US’your children.

6.If you mess up,it’s not your parents fault .So don’t you worry about them!Wake up shake off the dust and laugh about them.

I’ve been told my family,friends,colleagues,friends of friends of other friends that i don’t take life seriously.Yeah,it’s true i don’t but that doesn’t mean I joke all the time.It doesn’t mean that am flawless In short,what i mean is that do not take everything so seriously,you will end up looking like a 65year old when i’ll be of the same age but looking like a teenager.  

7.Before you were concieved,your parents were not as boring as you they are;Before you save all this plan for your future.

Honour each day especially in school because some people you take for granted now,will never appear in your life.School life is quite awesome.On Fridays you get to party hard.On sato*you sleep the whole day.When Sunday comes you still nursing the Fridays hangover as you brush through the assignments you’re to submit come Monday.Parents know their kiddo*is studying hard when in real sense you  are partying.My friend,keep up with the same spirit but when graduation day comes…utajua izo majina si class rep huandika.

8.Life is not divided into semesters,and it won’t give you a break (DO IT YOURSELF).

Some people pretend*to be too busy for life but then you can’t see exactly the “busy”part they claim to be.Have time for school and spare some for your best friend(s).Remember friendship goes a long way.Organize road trips or set a date …go have mad fun with your *Arif and truly they will honour you forever.Just remember to keep your promises dude!!And all shall be well with you.

9.Television is not real life.(people need to step off their comfort zones and go to work)

Every other day you admire Lilian Muli and Alex Chamwada!You want to dare abroad just like he does…You see him board prestigious vip airlines just to get news from the middle East and you think he has fun right?

He has earned it.You want to be like them yet you miss classes from day one to the last day of the semester…haha.Watch us*fly UAE as you continue dreaming your dreams.Just know that bruh*Nothing good comes easy!If you feel like you can sue me.Well and good!Let’s meet at the supreme court na utatambua Maraga ni nani kwangu…

10.Learn to listen so that you may learn to understand.

Always know when to speak.Where to speak.What to speak.Whom to speak with and finally how to speak.You will never have challenges with anyone if you adhere to this FIVE golden rules…

11.Be nice to people,chances are you might end up working with them or for them.

Destiny is a bit tricky.You might not see your classmates’ significance today, but what will you do when you discover that he is the same person you despised years down the road but then today he becomes your boss…Don’t despise anyone since you never know about tomorrow.

​12.Finally,as i am doing the final bit of my class story …I want you to remember that your school may have been done with both loosers and winners but DON’T compare this to real life situations.

Don’t worry when that fine lass dumps you for a sponsor .You might be as broke as hell for now since we all have place to begin but don’t let that looser come back to your life after she sees’ your insta post with your fine#babymoma*away at Copa cabana.Stick to your plans let’s not mix our present with the past…and NOT even the future.


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