Unlike many who  give up when their manuscripts get rejected.Boniface sagini is now an author.His writing started back in high school where he would write poems and short stories for his classmates to read.He continued that way until he began writing seriously with the aim of publishing a book some day. 

It was during our usual writers lounge meeting that I checked on this particular post on Facebook about the launch of it got me thrilled and by exactly two o’clock i was at the venue.I walked straight away to FORD HALL but I got a little disappointed,this is because I couldn’t see anyone.

 I quickly checked with the security guys and one of them directed me towards the amphitheatre.This time round I was relieved as i sat down with the rest of the audience. Logedi ‘the penguin of Maragoli land’got us entertained with a variety of exercises.

We had several ‘warm ups’which mostly included number work.He made the challenge more interesting by letting us introduce ourselves and the counties we came from.People are different and unique in there own ways and we had a “Nairobian“in the house…haha how funny.

After the deal was done,he ushered in the father of budding writers Mr.Gabriel Dinda who looked excited.He spoke of how the new year had began quite well.With him was a copy of the my network pull out.He was at the front cover and everyone clapped even before he could utter a word.

He said many had congratulated him enough,though as humbled as Mr.Gabriel has always been said we should forever aspire to do bigger things in life .Being Saginis'”wedding day“,he never spoke much.He sat down and gave the days guests a chance.

The first guest was Mr.Job Mogire a researcher at Harvad Medical school,Executive director at house of Mastery, a doctor and also author of the book-Bold grasp.

He talked about his journey of success having learnt at ‘Kerongorori‘high school in Kisii county one of the village schools which had never produced a university graduate.

Mr.Mogire told us of how he sat for his chemistry paper,confident enough that he was going to get a perfect grade despite the fact that he was being taught by a teacher who was not even a university graduate.This according to me was “self belief“and “confidence“.He scored well and secured a place at Moi university.

He at some point talked about writing a story that won after being elected at the students council that would later make him study at Harvad university.He closed the chapter by saying “You may not see somebody at the office in the UK,but you got the power to write and land at that place because of what you are writing”.There was a round of applause from everyone at the end.

The second guest was Mr.Robert Kiprono,the cabinet secretary Education,I.C.T and mentorship at World youth programme who ‘majorly’talked about THE MEN.

He spoke about men commiting suicide at a higher rate,unlike women who shared their’challenges’with others.He spoke about Mr.Obama shedding tears while talking about Mitchell which to him was an overwhelming experience.

“Shedding tears is not a sign of weakness by a man”.He said.It is a way of being yourself.Another round of applause came in as he continued speaking and finally we had our last guest from Royal Media services,a radio presenter Mr.Erastus Sorobi who crowned the moment.

He never spoke much due to the unlimited time but i remember him saying that each one should strive to focus on what they do,and do it best in order to be succesful in life.

I was among the ‘chosen few‘together with miss Vera Omwocha who got to unveil the dummy book as the camera men did their work.I felt like a celebrity when the camera lights kept flashing on our way.I felt great,i felt like the book author.That awesome feeling when all eyes focus on you.

Finally the book was launched.Having the money was not an issue.At least 20copies of the book were bought that day.To me that was a clear indicator that our Writers Guild family is growing bigger and going far day after the other.


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