1.Are the qualities you find attractive,qualities that will last a life time?

 Looks fade with time.Do not be swayed away by good looks as they go…. What if that handsome husband of yours gets involved an accident God forbid!!What if he gets to be operated on his face.Will you stand his fracture or will you leave him… people loose money as well, it can reach a time when his business is ‘down’or that high  position he used to hold goes…How will you act? Mansions and cars can go but can you stand by him,when all is gone…

2.Do you enjoy each others’company even when you are doing nothing?

At times it feels good just lying bare chest on top of those “chocolate abs”when listening to music or just doing nothing .In this digital age ,it wouldn’t hurt if you switched off that iphone for just 6hours or even more.

Have your ‘time’together and learn to speak without phone(s).Are you in love because of the things you do together,or do you genuinely enjoy being around Your man even when you are bored,unhappy or moody.

Remember,living with someone is about being able to go through the day to day humdrum without loosing your attraction for each other.

3.Do you feel like you have to be or look a certain way to keep the love of your life ?

This is now being’caged’.My dear sister in heavy foundation…Just see your life!!!Wake up in the morning and make him that coffee while in his big T-shirt,flip flops and tie your hair in bun and take it to bed.

If you have to put on some lip gloss as early as 5:00 O’clock in the morning!I can tell you for free that your doing it for another woman,the answer is simple.If someone can not stand seeing you without makeup then it’s useless since God created ‘us ‘women to be beautiful naturally.

Am not against women wearing makeup but it should be limited .If you feel like you always need to dress up or look perfect ,or speak in a certain way.My friend that relationship is doomed.

Your future husband will love and appreciate you as you are and vice versa.So don’t scratch your skin in 3D and have piercings all over because you’ll sound like a’sufuria’ next time you fall on that pavement.And by the way mugabe said”I’ve never seen a scratched Mercedes Benz,chevro or even a chopper”.So next time you think of having that’TAT’.Just know you are a ‘cheap machine’.

4.Do you feel self motivated to improve yourself when you are with your partner?

This is one of the “BEST”signs you can ever find in yourself.If you feel inspired to improve yourself and be a better,more loving ,caring person because of your interaction with your loving ,caring partner then consider your relationship as that one of “Obama and Mitchell”.

Remember,this is not the  same feeling as forced to keep up with superficial qualities.Just know that not all men can cook for you that steamy-hot spaghetti and minced meat when you come home late after a long day from the office.Learn to appreciate both big and little “HE“does for you.

5.Is he kind,caring,and patient with everyone?Not just you?

How your partner treats others is a mirror to how he’ll treat you and the rest of the family members when you get married.Am not a prophet…they say…I don’t know who says What!

When he calls or texts you late in the middle of the night.Do not be sad or rather ignore.Appreciate that goodnight text,morning,evening or even midday chat because you don’t know how much  time he gets just to put that smile on your face.

Allow him to sleep beside her ‘little angel'(shara)because you don’t know how it feels to be a ‘father’as much as you cope with the ‘shit’baby does when daddy is away.



    • Hahaha , better mould her into “this”culture Yambo otherwise you’ll be disappointed by everything…but yes Nobody should lie to you on relationship(s)it all depends on you TWO!!! period.. ain’t a relationship couch though haha!!!

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