Ladies DO NOT,ⓟⓛⓐⓨ Wife yet!! HAVE FUN… 

Do not play or be in a hurry to play wife yet to your man unless he has put a ring on it.

 Sometimes i wonder where some people were brought up from… They act as if men are over in this world.Who on earth dates a man with four kids!! And a wife to take care of back in’shags’My friend in campus,the devil is a liar… Why don’t you just concentrate on your studies. 

Graduate and get independent.For crying out loud!You can afford that meal at God knows where! When the rest of us wear”cheap mitumbas“,you come in Vivo outfits.At the end of the day we sit in the same class and breath the same air but my question is.. Where do you get that “MONEY “from? 

Am not against looking good.But you can as well be decent without exposing too much skin and cleavage,sorry to us who got‘peanuts’in the name of tits! Woe onto you if you are engaged for experimental purposes. 

To hell with exhausting your sexy back by bending it all through the weekend trying to scrub the dirt off his walls and jeans! After all he’s a man,kwani how does he cope with that while you are away during weekdays?

Can you be serious for once ladies.They want you to look good, smell minty,have perfect nails,nice curly hair, nice shoes yet they don’t chip in. Don’t fool yourself… Let them not take you to”JAVA“for coffee.It’s way too common, can’t you see???Even mama pima can as well afford it!! 

Because you think you love someone so much,don’t go ahead and sacrifice your happiness to make ‘stupid people‘happy!

There are things you can actually die for…As to me and my generation,will die for”German machines“.Don’t follow my example because it’s so simple.You only do this when you know your‘class’and where you‘reside’period!!!And i repeat”Thou shall not play marriage,till he puts a marriage band on thy finger…

Another one for the ‘weekend‘.If he invites you for that’sweet episode‘on his apartment.Eat his food,drink that’Jack Daniels‘on his fridge and sleep all you can with the TV remote on your hands.​

Remember to leave dirty dishes and laundry in the laundry bag​!He is a man after all .He should know how to manage his‘own’before he owns a wife of class.Don’t give a damn!Let him step on the frame if he thinks you’re lazy!

There is no way you will play wife as he plays undecided boyfriend with you!At some point,you will get fed up after realizing your friends are spinning”lamborghinis“while your busy chasing after”Toyotas“.

The current generation of men is full of sissies who belong under their parents roof,but are lucky enough to have their own roofs.My dear future son,Lynncy won’t let you be part of this poor upbringing.

Otherwise you will send your beauty and brilliance to an early grave.


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