This my challenger story and if you love cars you gotta live it… ☺

While shopping  for a house in 2014,i came across this plum crazy Challenger rusting around the back of an older bungalow. For $120,000 the car was mine and out came$318,000 to make room for my student package.

 I drove the car for about a year,but limited financial resources forced me to park it under an old tree for a while until i could save up some disposable income.The car deal was way too rough. Three years later,i had finally saved up some cash so i built a garage on our house,and pulled off on the old tree. 

The car was toast,needing frames, floors ,doors, name it.I put the car in the paper to sell it but the only guy who came to see it,was the same guy i bought it from 11years. No offers, i decided to push the car into the garage and set to work.

 All new sheet metal, i tore down the 440 and installed morpar performance pistons,street hemi cam, forged crank e.t. c not forgetting cool speakers. 

The rear end got a posi2.76gears and i upgraded the brakes/steering with the police car package. I wasn’t sure if the car would ever drive down the road straight again but hey… Was having fun. So six years, and thirteen pounds of welding rod later the car is finished and i go to a local show, it was not just my scene so what to do?

 I filled up the car with gas(18gallons) and called my buddy who works for Chrysler parts. Wanna drive to Vegas?No problem was the answer,so on Friday after work we head west from Toronto. By 1:00a. m. 

We were in Michigan and the TTI2.5headers/exhaust were taking their toll as we were both deaf. By noon the next day, we got to ilnois and the vibration got our hands numb. 

Saturday night saw us cross the Colorado border. (You gotta see this on the map) Anyway, we walked for a mile or so before some good natured gent in a pickup truck offered us a ride, (in the back of course)! 

And dropped us at the only shop in town. The only shop I’ve ever seen that sells chewing tobacco?? Anyway, he had a belt and gave us s ride back to the highway to make repairs.A loaded shot gun was sitting on the seat of his truck for the duration of the ride. 

We continued southwest visited Cisco, Utah where they filmed the bulldozer scene in vanishing point. Visited Moab state park and arrived at Circus Circus Hotel (not the classiest place on earth of course) in Las Vegas on Monday morning 2200miles one way. 

We cruised the strip, drank too much, ate too much and left on Thursday to check out the Hooverdam and the Northrim of the Grand canyon.

During our stop at the dam, a tour bus full of Japanese tourists, and while they were standing on one of the wonders of the world, several of them took pictures of my car. 

We arrived back in Toronto the following Sunday a little bleary eyed but fully addicted. Since then I’ve made the trip three more times taking route 66 and cansas.

Taking an old car on a long trip seems to act as catalyst for a conversation, and i met some of the nicest people all across the U. S. A,at a gas station of course. 


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