EVER HEARD OF THE “zombie drug”… 

When scopolamine enters the bloodstream, it immediately affects the brain.Turning a normal human being into a auto-suggestible hypnotized subject who believes and obey anything they hear.

Having lived in Nairobi for quite a number of years, I’ve seen this scenes happen on the streets during the day.

The other day while driving to town alongside my cousin. I decided to lower the car window, i really enjoy the serene Nairobi university environment especially while in traffic. But this it round,i noticed something unusual with a certain guy. He was of middle age, around 20-26years of age.

I tapped my cousin and he was shook as well. The guy was neatly dressed in tuxedo pants and Adidas shoe.He had been surrounded by a few people who were also curious to see why he was lying on the ground.

Our Curiosity got stronger and my cousin decided to pack the car aside for awhile. We got out of the car and headed towards the young mans’direction. When i got there, i noticed that he had wet his pants. Another thing was that, saliva was coming out of his mouth and a little bit of mucus formed on his tiny nostrils. 

I think this could have been scopolamine. I decided to get assistance from one of the members of public to give me the police emergency number so that i could call the police department in order to save the young man. 

After they responded, i gave them direction to where this young man was and we left them to do there work. 

 Imagine being a victim of this, submitting all your important documents to a total stranger! How sad.Unlike‘mchele’ which knocks you unconscious, this new addition turns you into a complete zombie. 

Nicknamed the devil’s breathe. The chemical is derived from a particular tree.Common to south America. In Kenya, it’s mainly used in surgical procedures and trades under the name “Transdermin scopolamine“-but in the wrong hands the drug could be used to commit Bizarre criminal acts .

Scopolamine is tastesless and odourless which makes it difficult to detect.Victims can thereafter be guided wherever the criminals want and because it completely wipes out your memory, victims have no recollection of what happened, which makes it difficult to uprehend the culprits. 


1.The burrachero tree when in full bloom gives life to beautiful looking trumpet-like flowers. It seems odd that a tree with such angelic flowers can also have seeds, which when ground, produce a powder that elicits “devil consequences “.

2.While the drug has a few legitimate medical use, such as treatment for motion sickness and to manage tremors of parkinsons’disease. It is best known for its darker properties. 

3.The drug works to make an individual do another’s bidding, but things can go ‘awry’for this bad guys. There have been reported incidents of the victims becoming agitated and turning against there captors

4.The drug is derived from a tree common to south America. World wide the drug is a growing problem and is now classified as one of the scariest chemicals ever. 

What’s more worrying, however is the sheer abundance of the drug; any of three plants in the solanaceae family can produce the drug and all of them grow freely through out. But mostly In South America.