Don’t be mistaken, My NATURAL HAIR is awesome… 

The natural look has been trending;  and it seems like more and more young and old individuals are embracing this ‘cool cut‘. 

From fashion magazines to local and international celebrities including our very own Lupita Nyong’o only to mention but a few who are looking good.With short hair.However there are perceptions about natural hair and here is what we think. 

1.IT’S UNMANAGEABLE; Having grown up in my childhood i used to cry when mum wanted to take me to the salon. The reason being ‘pain‘. 

The strong heat from the blow dryer too always sent shivers down my spine,one day my mum travelled outside the country and i remained with my dad who convinced me to try and look like him,but hell no!I wasn’t just going to accept the deal that easily. 

He then took me to his barber who was a well known “hair stylist “and at that point is when i thought i made a personal decision to have my hair cut.

 When mama came back, she couldn’t believe that my dad had cut my long hair she took time to wash,shampoo and also braid into nice lines which made me look pretty.

 But then i was happy just like any other kiddo* i never thought such a decision would trigger trouble between mum and dad haha! Days turned into weeks,weeks into months and years but i still rocked in short hair.

After sometime everyone at home got used to my“new look“.Every morning I’ll wake up,dash off to the shower and come out feeling fresh to begin my day. 

My short hair never gave me trouble, actually i realized it took me like 15minutes to comb and oil it unlike the long hair which could take me decades to style. It was so manageable for me style since i used a mixture of glycerine and water and after combing it! The curls came out naturally which made me prettier.​

I learnt that,whether natural or relaxed,both types can suffer breakage if not properly maintained.

2.PUBLIC PERCEPTION;Some people think they will be treated differently if they go natural.Sometimes back in campus i used to find it hard to walk in the corridors because of the attention i got from the ladies who had’wigs’on till i got used to this.

A year ago,while shopping at galleria i got this young man who stopped me just to compliment how i looked which to me i found’interesting‘.Maybe it was funny but pretty good.

3.MEN HATE IT;Where?Many natural women say they attract attention when they go natural.Men tend to dislike weaves and weaves and love men with natural hair.

I guess it’s the reason as to why my 80year old grandma’ is still with my grandpa.Your choice to go Natural or not should not be based on what others think.Do it because you love it.

;They say natural hair does not grow but that is a’myth’.All hairs grow whether chemicalized or natural.

The fact that natural hair shrinks a lot when washed,does not mean that it doesn’t grow.Many people assume that kinky hair is the strongest,so they run the comb through it not realising they are doing harm to their hair.

Any type of hair requires TLC.The tight curls that make it coil should never be mistaken for strength.The hair should be moisturised regularly.Otherwise,it will break.Infact according to my research with the help of”Marini naturals”it has shown that the tighter the curls the weaker it is.

5.DOESN’T LOOK GOOD;I’ve been seeing myself on the mirror for the last 20 years and everyday i feel young because of my natural hair.

Everytime i see a celebrity rocking natural hair despite their social class i feel great.I mean,class has got nothing to do with how i style my hair at any given moment.Natural hair,just like any other can be styled in a way that suits you.​

6.YOU CUT IT,IT GROWS FASTER;A lie.Cutting or trimming split ends only makes the hair healthier.It doesn’t speed up growth well your genes are the same ‘bad’ones if you are not from that fine lineage.

By the way natural hair is curly and when you stretch it.It appears longer.Relaxing it only removes the curls and straightens it,making it appear long.Relaxing also reduces its elasticity.

Making it vulnerable to breakage.Braids are the best protective style.If you wold love to protect your hairline ensure they are not too tight and avoid leaving them for too long.

;From top Chief executive officer(s) like Wandia Gichuru to teachers as well as my learned friends(Lawyers) in this country rock natural hair.

As long as it’s tidy,well to me it is professional.Whether you wear locks or not.Hygiene and cleanliness is A PERSONAL ISSUE!!!


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