I WANT to have a home with you…

Many people dream of owning mansionattes, driving Lamborghinis,eating at that five star hotel,taking their families on vacation at Copacabana among other things but then it’s not different from owning a home first. 

A journey of a thousand miles definitely begins with a single step. Having a perfect home has never been easy especially with the current trend. Today everyone wants to have a space of their own. 

A place where they can comfortably make merry  without breaking the bank. A place to have dinner with your loved ones while looking at the stars without a hustle. A place where one can have that perfect photo shoot without paying any fee which is not always easy. 

I am one of these individuals who wants this honestly. Not because we don’t have any of these but because i embrace change every time.I don’t want my kids to have fun at the same home, though a ‘cool place’ twenty years later. I want things done differently.I mean change. 

Change of   environment,culture,food , car,clothing and also place.I want to have a garden of my dreams with my family. A special space where my family will experience fun and not just be viewed at a distance. 

I want to have it in my backyard where i can engage my old buddies to stop, sit and also enjoy for a while. This calls for a design that will put my users at the heart of my garden; one that will focus on my needs, comfort and entertainment. 

It’s unfortunate that most gardens in my Hood are only designed for the eyes. The focus starts and stops with the need to make a place neater and more trendy. In fact, my home for example got this heges at the backyard where the swimming pool is and railings besides which got tiles.

This was back then in the 90’s lol! When i was still suckling milk and honey but i believe that I can have a better home with my family. I know that i personally can have a better place.

By creating a place to go and enjoy, as well as have unlimited fun .I can have a truly rewarding space that will make my family appreciate nature for the rest of their lives.

Am looking forward to having a PERGOLA ENGLISH URBAN GARDEN on my front yard. This is where my loved ones will wake up and feel the morning fresh breeze as they will be listening to nature, i will have a small fountain with the statue of Mary a basis of my religion. 

Many would probably mistake it for’idol worship‘but i won’t care on their opinions since we live in a free world. I would make it simple and neat, i would light it at night with lamps and also pray for my country.

 I will feel close to my God at this point since it will always be quiet here. I will remind him to humble me when i become stubborn. I’ll let him know that i appreciate everything in my life he has given me. And have a rosary for her to always pray for us. 

I will want to have GARDEN ROOMS where I’ll divide it just like my house. A good garden where I’ll extend the indoor rooms to my garden. 

Being a woman who loves her family, I’ll consider having an outdoor  dining area by adding a deck or a patio right in front off the kitchen door. 

This is where the ‘boys’will have space and prepare tasty barbeque which will all goble down with a glass of fine wine.As we laugh our lungs out.Will sing a song or two on that hot afternoon and ‘little shara‘my  last born cutie will heartily strum her pink guitar daddy bought on his trip back from Manilla.(The philipines)

has always been my priority especially with family to take care of.My designated outdoor rooms won’t be left behind either  ,this will be here to make sure my friends enjoy their experience in the garden for longer periods.

Shelter from unfavourable weather conditions such as the ‘january scorching sun‘ won’t have a place as i   will provide shelter to my guests.

I know you are wondering how but then i got my answer with me!Softscapes elements(plants),hardscape elements or both could suit my home.This will include shade trees and pergolas plus other screening elements of my choice.

Furnishings also have a role to play in improving the comfort levels within outdoor rooms.I’ll have my carpenter work on the garden seats ,tables as well as places to lie down during those days when i’ll want to give my ‘ass’ a break.

ENGAGE SENSE​;My private space will engage all the places.I had already incorporated elements that appeal to other senses apart from sight.

Fragrant herbs and minty leaves just to make the sorrounding area fresh.Fruits,especially berries will give visitors a taste of my ‘Eden‘.I don’t mean that someone would eat any forbidden fruits from my garden.

Still the sounds of twittering birds or splash of a fountain or waterfall somewhere will forever add a memorable episode in my garden.


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