WITH:EMMA  MWAI-chemically treating your hair often has a drying effect, forcing you to condition and moisturize more. Here are some natural remedies that are kinder on your tresses.


Coffee works great if you’re looking to go darker, cover grey hairs, or add dimension to dark hair. Simply brew strong coffee (espresso works well) ,let it cool, and then mix one cup with a two of cups of leave -in conditioner and two tablespoons of coffee grounds. Leave in your hair for at least one hour. 


Like coffee, black tea can help you go darker, and can as well help cover grey hairs. If you have lighter hair, there are other specific types of tea you can use. Chamomile, for example, is recommended for very light hair. The key is to make the tea, highly concentrated. Use3-5tea bags(or about the same amount in loose -leaf tea) for two cups of water. You can apply the cooled tea to hair alone, or mix with conditioner(as noted in the coffee recipe). If you’re seeking to cover grey hairs, mix with some fresh or dried sage, which helps open hair follicles. Leave in your hair for at least one hour. 


.Red hair. Try calendula, marigold, rose hips and hibiscus to deepen our red shade or add a few red highlights. The effects are cumulative -if you keep using the dye regularly, you will notice more colour  .Simmer the flowers in water for about 30 minutes, strain, cool,and then spray or pour on hair. Allow to dry in sun if possible.


.Dark hair. Rosemary, nettle, and sage are all great herbs for dark hair. Simmer all three in water for 30minutes, cool, strain, and spray or brush through hair. Allow to sit about an hour. You can also use the rinse daily after your shower. Be patient -it may take several days to notice. 


.one of the most popular natural hair colouring ingredients, henna is a powdered form of the leaves that come from the henna plant. To make your own henna hair dye, mix about one cup of henna powder with two cups of lemon juice. You can also add in a tablespoon of vinegar to help release the colour. Allow to sit for about 4-6hours until it thickens. Apply to hair and comb through. (This is messy so be prepared!) Wrap your hair in plastic wrap and allow sitting for hours before rinsing. 


Want a few highlights? Try fteshly-squeezed lemon juice sprayed and combed through hair. Leave on several hours.if you sit on the sun you’ll notice more lightening. Lemon juice works slowly ,expect to repeat applications several times before seeing the results.