Jewel in Naivasha’s Crown. 



The drive to Naivasha is by itself an exciting attraction. The roads wind down from busy Nairobi to a cool and sparsely populated area that puts you at once in a holiday mood. If you love taking road trips, this one is definitely for you, as you explore the Rift valley viewpoints that are breathtaking in their beauty and serenity.

 If you are fortunate, you might also run into a pack of baboons as they forage for goodies by the roadside. 

Naivasha town has grown and this is evident from the bustling activity; restaurants, bus stops, filled to the brim and the ever- enticing aroma of barbeque from endless nyama choma joints that decorate the streets. 

On this particular trip, my friend and I are not to be misled by the city’s nightlife, we have a purpose in mind, and that is to get to our destination -Camp Carnelley’s. 

So we squeeze into a 14-seater matatu, joining the 26 passengers who are in there already -they do not know about the famous Michuki Rules down here -and start the journey to the camp. It’s quite unfortunate that the human body is flexible otherwise we would have suffered some severe bruises.

 It’s an adventure trying to loose weight in such an orthodox manner but in truth, if you can travel by private means, go for it. After an-18km drive from Naivasha town, we finally get to camp Carnelley’s. Dusty tired but definitely looking forward to what lies ahead of us. The signboard is quite clear from the road side and getting lost is near-impossible. We walk down a murram road and up head (less than a two -minutes walk) there is a gate that welcomes you to a fairly busy reception. 

A few formalities and right away we are shown to our room(a hut),which happens to be a twin room. Maasai shukas artfully spread on the bed are the first thing we notice,followed by the earth-themed lampshade on a modest wooden drawer. 

There is an electrical socket -thank God-Which means we can charge all our battery-powered electronics.The most exciting thing about the whole stay(for me)was the fact that i could have a hot shower in the bush.The open air shower cubicles,just a few metres away from your hut, run hot showers every morning and evenings so the ‘softies’were allowed a level of comfort in the wild. ​
And speaking of the wild,camp Carnelley’s offers camping facilities.Located right beside the shimmering shores of Lake Naivasha, this is the perfect site to pitch camp with family or friends. It affords a lush camping ground for the ones who want to enjoy starry night skies. 

There is a restaurant that caters to majority of the campers. We enjoyed the small but fully stocked alcohol bar and the hearty breakfast menu that kept our energy levels up throughout the day. The restaurant is very cool and earthy, a welcome solace from the smouldering morning sun that becomes hotter as the day progresses. 

Service is quick and friendly and security is good.The seats are well spaced and there are enough tables. Pet’s are also allowed and this is always a huge advantage for families who like to travel as one entity. 

Overall, the experience at camp Carnelley’s is worth the drive and effort. There are fun activities designed to keep you busy throughout the day, including mountain climbing, hiking fishing. And there’s a lot of space for kiddies to play.