In a country like Kenya where photography is considered’s difficult to understand why a young photojournalist would complicate things for herself by choosing even more complex path(photojournalism). These are the creative areas that speak to Lynncy. 

Photography interests Lynncy because of the aliveness that it gives her, while photo editing to the depths of her thinking and imaginative faculties.

“I love photography and photo editing because it makes me feel like I am creating at a very physical leve; here iam dealing with live sets and all my senses, but especially the ‘eye‘, she explains. Lynncy’s most notable work was the ‘museum album ‘,by a renowned photographer during the WGke (Writers Guild Kenya) session on a certain Friday. 

She’s also a personal photographer to enviable credits to her name and unique logo; she does full time photography to a certain Ambassador from West Africa. Which has made her visit a number of countries across Africa.She was once part of the Nigeria presidential press team back in 2015,which made her rub shoulders with the high and mighty of the land.

Photography, is a very rare specialization and this is what has drawn our attention to Lynncy. Why photography when she could opt for other challenges like working for renowned media house(s) having studied mass communication? 

Photography is a rare area among many youth who are talented. This is because a good number prefer getting attachment at media houses and move on as anchors or reporters Probably because of the ‘status ‘that comes in handy with being in front of the cameras. 

Photography in Kenya today is growing with more than ten thousand youths embracing the art quite well. Today, in events you will see young people taking pictures with digital DSLR cameras and If you happen to approach them. Asking whether they produce hard copies, they’ll smile at you and politely say the pics are his or hers for fun and not for sale. 

Phones can as well be relied on but then,in darkness they can never produce clear images as those you see on magazines or newspaper pull outs. 

Every moment of our lives is quite important depending on who you are dealing with. Today’s world has changed too with individuals embracing ‘pregnancy ‘on baby bump photo shoots. 

Black girls too are doing it again,today on social media You will see posts with captions like:#BLACK girls ARE beautiful or individuals with natural black hair both short and long have their pictures taken with the message on embracing the natural African body. 

Lynncy explains that photography is close to craft but with light and a little smile. But rather than drawing frames, you take a photo of each of the frame. 

“It is simple but could be tedious moving around with a kit carrying different lenses. On certain occasions, people may want to stop and take your phone number or even email address the moment they see you with the gear. But my greatest joy is to deliver perfect shots, edited and on time. Every time i see people say thank you for the beautiful shots is what puts a smile on my face”,Lynncy explains.


While emphasizing on the need for resilience and patience because a lot of professional photography is done on miniature scales.And so attention to detail is important, but Lynncys’ dalliance with photography didn’t start recently. 

While attending her cousins graduation in 2014,she never had a ‘proper phone ‘ to capture the moments since it was a long time ever since her family had been together. While people made money from photography, she thought otherwise. This experience completely changed everything and that’s how she embraced photography fully. 

Lynncy is currently a student studying investigative journalism at the university, a choice she attributes to her understanding mainstream media which was her choice from an early age. 

“Growing up, i loved watching News and also keeping up with the current trends in Kenya and other parts of the world. Identifying several media outlets and its anchors as well as reporters too saw her interest in media grow day after the other. 

I would probably be doing hospitality and tourism had i not stand firm by my career choice as my mum wanted”,she chuckles.

“Today my family greatly supports my career at all angles,and that’s what has propelled me to the person i am today”.

Lack of enough information about the fields artists want to get into,she says is what leads to the stagnation of many artists. She is however quick to add that their is no formula to guaranteed successful start. 

While she acknowledges that it’s important to have gone through school without aptitude, imagination and unending practice to a photography school may not be really what you require to become a good photographer. 

“I have official training skills in photojournalism but on top of that i add on what i got by interacting with other photographers, online tutorials, attending photography workshops and above all researching. For anyone who knows how to research, there is a lot of information available”,Lynncy concludes.


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  1. Wow! This is a very inspiring article especially for someone juggling on whether or not to pursue their dreams. I also love how you work so hard to become better at photography…the sky is not even the limit for you girl! All the best!

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