Each and everyone got deadlines to meet, place or rather destinations to go to and make change but for we writers, it’s not different. Mondays are boring, Tuesdays are a bit interesting as we move on throughout the week. We crush on Wednesdays and unveil our Throwbacks on Thursdays but our Fridays at Ekklessia, we party hard on books. 

While the ‘REST ‘get absorbed in TRIBEKA, we all assemble at the National Museum. We talk about books and also get to know each other, at first you may expect old men all covered in white beards but when you cross on the other side at FORD HALL, you’ll be surprised to find beautiful young ladies and budding gentlemen.

 And who is the brains behind the Ekklesia?  Well,have our very own jovial C. E.O and founder Mr.Gabriel Dinda,who has been able to gather this young minds from far and wide all with a common goal which is “Writing for change “.

On this particular Friday,17th in 2017 at noon. I arrived at our usual place but to my surprise. I just couldn’t spot any of any of our members, i inquired about the venue and was told to go down to the amphitheatre.Too bad, our room had been occupied but just for a day. 

As Africans, timing has always been our biggest challenge and while the waited for the rest. Mr.Gabriel had a challenge concerning each member being a president for about 2minutes.But how was this going to happen? It was just but a teaser,for us to comment about the presidents speech on state of the nation. 

We were all seated forming a curve and fortunately or unfortunately i was to speak second, just after the first speaker who was actually Mr. Martin who takes really nice shots for our FRIDAYS sessions. 

He never had much to say and thereafter we had a number of six speakers who carried the days flag just before our guest came in. But this one particular lady caught my attention when she shared with us some information from a book she had read on‘RICH DAD AND POOR DAD’. Well,we all want to be rich, we want money, real money but looking at our countrys state.

 It’s so troubling, the wage bill has gone so high,that means any child born as from ‘anytime ‘will have a debt of eighty two thousand Kenyan shillings to clear.Christ Heavens!!! 

She also captured on how everyone wants to be employed after school yet big firms like Royal Media services and KQ were trying to cut down into the numbers so that there would be less manpower and also financial cost. How sad. 


At about 2:20p.m.,we had our guest Miss Wanjiru Kariuki a fashion blogger and image consultant who left her job for writing and women empowerment. 

She talked about personal branding and how to stand out in whatever you good at. Especially in this first tech-world, one ought to build themselves in whatever you doing she said. It could be photography, baking, singing, poetry and many other activities people engage in. 

With music, most individuals will only invite you for gigs when they see whatever you are doing is great. We tend to know what our goals are while engaging in this activities but keep in mind what you want to impact in whether big or small. 

“We all have God given abilities and talents but it’s upon us to decide and become better people in what we do “,.She insisted.

I learnt that Online profile is quite important today, since one will ask for your CV but later on you might wait for long but the job wouldn’t be forthcoming. They just might have checked out on your online profile and discovered something was ‘weird’ somewhere. Which completely put them off and went for another candidate over you. 

Voluntary work has never been easy, and most people want cash before putting any effort in whatever they do. This is not always an easy decision, but you can easily network when you volunteer. 

We later had an awesome presentation from Bulimo.A gifted poet though he said no snaps! I was not shaken at all since we ought to respect everyone’s personality. 

After that, Miss Kariuki insisted on consistency, this means that one has to have a plan in order to achieve readership. Comparing oneself with another person will never take us, anywhere because you can never be your friend or even your neighbor. 

Credibility is key to going far,she said but completed by telling us to note a few questions which included ;WHO ARE YOU?


 Questions came in and thereafter we had a chance to ask but a few though personally, i never has any since i got some knowledge on branding and that’s how our FU’RAHIDAY ended. A successful one. With great value addition.