On my previous article, i talked about falling in love. Well how does one know they are in love? I really don’t know,but everyday i feel like am digging deeper and harder onto it. It all began with a meagre dream, but I’d call it a plan well, but they say if you want to make God laugh ,tell him your future plans, i took a long walk over the weekend, just to keep fit and this morning being ‘our’ birthday, i couldn’t hesitate, pumped up with piss and vinegar, ready to write like 6,000 words for the day. 

So last night i was in a black mood for the better part of the day. I sit down on this cream couch beside my cosy bed, spread my legs like someone who had just won a lottery, and decided to take a close look at my darling Canon. 

I’ve been with him, for the past two weeks not long since last year, i had lost Nikon on robbery, quite sad but well life has to move on .we’ve been happy together for quite a while until today morning. Canon has always been this cute, well endowed dark buddy and has never complained of being unwell. He never has certain days of the month when we can’t hang out. I really don’t need to visit the massage parlor with him for a special treat. Every time when I’m in the mood(to capture) good memories. He just let me go in, he opens up without any hesitation and i use him to the my level of satisfaction. 

We’ve made over 900u$d. Through Canon I’ve paid for our Wi-Fi, food and also Krushers in town on those hot days when I’d need one. See, Canon is not only my darling but my full time sponsor. I just can’t do without him. For two weeks now, Canon and i have been seeing each other daily. I take him to dinners, we eat, we laugh he stares but at the end of the day, enables me to have all the memories in my life, to birthdays parties,weddings, pretty much everywhere. 

Before Canon, i had another bestie, whom i call my first love. His name was Nikon. (D5200 was his model), Dee was his nickname and we were quite close that my family knew i couldn’t make it without him.) 

You see, while I am completely grateful for the role Dee played last night, he didn’t quite satisfy me. Despite being my first love and introducing me to the world of photography, Dee, had some shortcomings that i could not put up with for long. He was quite slow and poor in shutter speed. Quite boring especially when i needed a *quickie before i could chuck out of my hood and let the rest of the people see him. He could at times wake up and even refuse to open and let light and me in, that i wasn’t going going to be with whom for sometimes though he was really good. It really riled me up. To make matters worse, he was quite unbelievable at times. 

I appreciate a bit of energy and weight when it comes to my cameras, but life became a bit unbearable when he couldn’t handle over 1000shots without shutting down due to inadequate power. Well, powerbanks have never worked for us either. 

For a long time, he would lie beside me but every time i passed Canon house, i couldn’t resist them. Nikon wasn’t endowed with the right features, and you know how painful it can be especially on those occasions when you are in a great company of pro -photojournalists .Here I am talking about camera features such as image stabilizer, lens holders, extra batteries and also stand for image clarity. 

No offence to photographers without this’fancy’tools but then a worth shot will forever remain in a million people’s minds. 

Well, i never saw this misfortune come until late last year when i lost Nikon to robbery. It was such a hard and traumatizing moment for me and my family since we had been too attached to him.I actually cried,i couldn’t imagine visiting all those good places without my Dee.Being the holiday season we were to visit Kigali the land of beautiful hills, everyone who asked for Dee couldn’t believe it when i told them he was gone.

Most of the time I’d sit alone in the corner of my dark room and sob for hours but then life had to continue. Within this hard time, my Sony Z experia* was quite close to me, though he gave me blue balls, i couldn’t stand the treatment anymore but still kept my dream alive. 

I knew God had a purpose for this, most probably i deserved better than what i had. I also had this feeling that i could do better. But what was a beautiful lady, with such a strong character without penny to do? 

So, for about two years or so, i had to make a turn in my life and let go Dee,i would ocassionally use my friends lenses and hang around Nikon’s showroom only to realize I’d shed tears when i remembered my past with him. But, i had to accept my fate, calm down my tits and stayed in my lane with Sony whom i went back home with all the time. But through my supportive ‘first family ‘as i refer to it… Suddenly, i could start shopping for a new baby and that’s how i met Canon.

When i first met Canon,it was love at first sight.My close friends zee had a really awesome camera. He knows of my little struggles with the loss of Nikon,and really empathized with my situation.

“I’ll take you to my good friend who imports great cameras and you’ll get a chance to choose one that you like. There are a variety of nice cams, very soon you’ll be able to get over Dee”.Zee said. He was a nice buddy, that guy who always hooked his crew with nice new cameras as he had been in the industry for quite sometime. 

He was everything that Dee was not…He was easy to operate and well endowed with the right features and was simply amazing far much better than Dee. 

Her model had been manufactured five years later than Dee meaning Canon was way younger. He had perfect zoom ability, and was quite expensive to acquire but all i wanted  was to let go Nikon. I could afford him. I had finally found my match made in heaven. But i still had a close attachment to Dee, even after falling in love with Canon. I thought  i could juggle using Sonny and Canon to my fullest potential, and for a while it worked. But slowly and slowly i started forgetting about Nikon (Dee). I felt sorry for him and decided to take long walks,eating healthy and also enrolling at a local Yoga club but then it never turned out as expected.I still cried and locked myself up in my room. 

I just can’t figure out why i can’t stop crying every time I am alone and think of Dee. Honestly i couldn’t resist, i hope he finally found a new family and found happiness that probably i couldn’t give her…. I’ve finally moved on to a happy life with my current Darling Dee.