YOU CAN’T MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY …UNLESS you are a Nutella jar… 😂😂😂

Making resolutions is easy but keeping them is no mean feat, but do you  really have to make them? Today being a weekend…i decided to write on a few things one should do differently and forget about the worries of failure to obey the same rules before a new month begins… 


Body confidence is good for every human being, it’s even more important when the person is a woman. “Women value how they appear”,i dare say it again. 

Body confidence inspires a woman to be best at every thing she does from hair do and general physical appearance -which is also important for the people one interacts with, so much that dress code could determine whether one is welcome within certain spaces. 

It’s important that a woman looks and feels like herself and so is to a man. 

“Don’t do it for someone else;Look good as you would want and not as someone else would want.Avoid following trends that your inner persona would not revel in. This is because every woman is born a different and  so should be the way they want to express their beauty. Don’t look in a certain way to please anyone other than yourself; my friend you’re not Santa! “.

GIVE YOUR WHOLE AT WORK; But don’t live your life in the office. If you live in Nairobi, you know that earning a decent living is always everyone’s priority. You give your employer valuable experience/expertise and get paid at the end of the month. 

Even the good book says whoever does not work should not eat. And holding up a career is good for one’s CV. But remember there is life beyond the office and clearly define your boundaries on time to work and when to have that coffee break. And once you’ve given your employer his dues then ought to plan other sections of your life around the remaining time. 

Remember that the position at the company you work for will always have someone willing to fit in. But on the other hand, your life and happiness are irreplaceable. 

BESTOW ENOUGH TIME FOR YOUR FAMILY;Everything has changed completely in today’s digital world. People have a thousand plus ‘friends’ on social media as well as family but the truth is that they don’t even see eye to eye.

 If you are a mother, it’s a life long career. And like someone said, “parenting does not end with popping out of the baby. “Dedicate enough time to your kids.The biggest mistake modern day parents do is spending very little time with their children. Everyone is chasing after money, we all got bills to pay… I understand that completely. 

But in the end, money is not the goal. Spare time for squash, or join a literature club or sports and discover something new in you as well as your family. 

DROP FAKE FRIENDS AND RELATIONSHIPS;You know you need a friend when your back is against the wall and there is very little room to even make a step. 

Friends (true friends) give us the shoulder to lean on when our world is crumbling upon us. This particular ones will therefore make the difference in your life -especially during tough times. 

On the other side, fake friends add into misery and turn a bad situation into worse. Fake friendship will way you down instead of lifting you up. If someone doesn’t wish to be present in your life then it would be good to let them off. Know that bad relationships -like clandestine love affairs that provide quasi -fulfillment eventually cause chaos in ones life. 


The general perception of travel is that it is expensive. In reality though there are plenty of options in Kenya. You don’t have to really break the bank to roam in the Mara. And who said golf is for the ‘RICH ‘

Personally i refuse this notion, i mean, even a simple road trip 100km away on that SUBARU may provide the much needed sigh of nature. Which is good for the mind and soul. Carry that snack you made at home with a few bottles for refreshment and uinstead of taking food at expensive restaurants and trust me you won’t regret it… 

AND MOST IMPORTANT OF THEM ALL IS HEALTH CHECK UP;Life is a boring experience when one is blogged down by illness. With today’s ‘,lifestyle shift ‘ humanity is more than ever plagued by diseases and conditions that lower the quality of life.

 Essentially, to be able to work and earn you need to be healthy and in good shape. Women need general check up once every year .This is critical in early detection of debilitating conditions such breast and cervical cancer. Any   suspected source of problem in the body should be treated to the maximum and given attention it deserves