I’m having a good time here in Mombasa away from the hustle and bustle of Nairobi. Earlier this week, I read an interesting blog called ‘The mum review’ which challenged me to answer a few questions on how exactly I do my blogging. 

Now I’m working at ‘behind the blogging scenes’. This one gives bloggers a chance to give their readers a glimpse at how they work behind the closed doors before getting any stories ready. 

Call it writers’ madness, blogger on weed….opps! Creativity, I don’t know how to phrase it but the way you have it is not my problem in any way….Or it could be introvert problems but hell no! I love answering questions about myself lol…So here I go….

Where do you blog?

Usually sat on a couch with my ‘mac’ laptop beside my chiwawa Lulu after everyone has gone to work or bed. I get easily distracted by a number of things “food” included so i tend to shut the kitchen door all the time while I am in blogging business.

 I do love watching T.V a lot but when I write, I pretend that no set was bought in my place.It’s that serious.I’ve been to  the cinema a couple of times but I’d rather be doing something blog related when the movies are not interesting.

 I carry my phone with me at all times too, ideas and saving them on my drafts becomes easy, especially while stuck in silly traffic. At my lowest moments’ I normally blog in my bedroom! Yes you heard me right. Although in a few occasions, I’ve been carried away by sleep!

  • ATTENTION: Writers don’t you ever write while in bed, it gets too comfortable at times that your mind freezes.

The weirdest thing I’ve done with blogging is when sometimes back I was going to town and as I was waiting for my cab guy to pick me up, a friend came with his car.

 Fortunate enough he was going towards town as well. Having not seeing each other for a long time one would definitely expect a chit chat, I later came to realize he was talking to me but then I was a “little bit” too busy on my phone that he decided to keep quiet.I later on apologized for my “weird behaviour” but we are still in good terms.

Where do you find inspiration for your blog posts?

Everywhere; I can remember back in my junior high , I had a friend who told me that I was an introvert. That meant I had too many stories in my head but then I didn’t know how to express them. 

By then blogging was not that common and as interesting as it is today. I am a jack when it comes to writing. I may see a man with Kanzu* and write about his religion. I at times imagine too much, which is not bad and by doing so, ideas flow within naturally.

Travelling, taking perfect shots and sharing new experiences is one of my biggest “suppliers “in terms of content as one would never find same culture on a particular environment.

Good food that meets my taste buds approval could as well make a perfect story. Every person loves tasty meals and probably they could not know where to find the same at an affordable price, or just prepare it at home. By sharing such, I feel like am fulfilling my purpose on earth at the same time doing what I love most thus improving my skills on culinary matters.

I find it hard to understand, blogging is fun especially if you have a good following, a nice editor{s} and mentors who keeps one on toss.Numbesr do speak, but to me it isn’t a priority. It’s like putting money and fame in any flourishing career which most of the time is short lived, unlike when doing it deep down from ones heart.

How long does it take you to write a blog?

I can handle a full story for a whole day, when iam not in school or attending any photoshoots.If it is just me writing about my feelings or my past, it usually spills out pretty quick. But while handling different stories, I might take a week or two since I might have to research on the same issue I should be writing about .To be a good writer, ought’s to dedicate time for reading which can be challenging when one is experiencing writers block.

I dedicate weekends, especially afternoons for refreshing content on a new blogs, I make friends with new writers and also comment on their articles. If it’s too good to be read alone, I ‘plagiarize’ it in a good way of course I seek permission from the owner of the story as a disciplined writer. 

Gone are the days when one would write and keep stories till God knows when, but with publishing houses accepting manuscripts and social media, I can see the future of writing flourishing.

How do you plan for your blog posts?

Sometimes in January, I was posting new stories every day, apart from Saturdays and Sundays which I fully had dedicated for other issues .I find it easy writing after Mondays ever since I began posting articles.

 Sometimes I post up to two stories weekly, depending on my school schedule plus getting a perfect editor is not a walk in the park. I am more of a random writer so it has never been hard for me to write an article on a particular topic.

I do work with schedules since my personal time is quite limited. My diary has been my greatest companion as it guides me on what exactly to work on a particular date and time. It’s not easy being your own boss, plus one requires to up their game all the time to become a better writer.

I work with a particular group of people all the time to ensure I don’t lag behind in anything that I write, whatsapp writing groups too have been my greatest source of my strength since it is full of both young and old persons who are greatly talented. Writing, just like music needs proper research and timing for one to be on the safer side.

What kind of camera do you use? What editing software?

 I do really love photography very much that I can pay for a million bucks just to get that perfect shot. I used to have a Nikon D5200 which I lost sometimes back.
 It has never been easy for me taking pics with my phone, unlike before where I’d use a professional digital camera but then with the help of “OWEN” my official photographer, things have returned a bit normal. 

We are both photography enthusiasts, but normally I am the one to organise on the venue, dress code and the general theme of the shoot to make it epic. For editing, I’ve been using photo studio editor and the square insta- pic which have never disappointed.

I have a thousand plus photos within my computer gallery so I also find it easy importing from one file to another where need is.Any good picture is worth telling a beautiful story, that is why I’d never compromise on anything when it comes to pictography*

*What is your favourite type of blog post to write?

One that has my own pictures telling the story. Plus articles that have perfect intersection of something I’m passionate about with something other people can as well relate to.

Who knows about your blog?

Haha….My Elder sister, a cousin plus a few members in my class who believe I can write great articles on any given day. My mom knows too, although she says that at times I work too hard yet little is appreciated.
 She boasts of having better vocabulary than I got which I find quite interesting and it also motivates me to work even smarter day after day. My inner circle of writers too know I write though I share via email or rather inbox to ensure my readers are genuine and not just for fun purposes

Are you an organized or messy blogger?

I’m usually a super organised person, but I tend to be picky when it comes to what I put down on my blog. Whatever crosses my mind is at times what I work with, from that food I ate at a cheap restaurant to how I got treated by security personnel at K.R.A (Kenya Revenue Authority).
I’ve got tips on how to blog more productively ,but I don’t want to feel too much like a job. I just want to write down what is in my heart and mind without choking. It’s good to commit on what you love, besides working.