I am proud to talk about it to the public. I am proud to say this to my baby love. I can’t stay a week without you, i may probably fall it. Your body and awesome physique is one thing that drives me crazy. No wonder you love wearing black attire, your clear eyes the type with no eye bugs and blue eye balls keeps mine too glued in caressing each time we are together. 

I don’t mind being caught with you in the act, yes they say age is a number but i can’t help but agree that you are really older than me. I just don’t care. Some people find it weird when we hold hands, and work it out together in public. They think Lynncy is nuts* or probably got loose nuts in the head but this is not true. I actually don’t care what they say, do or think about it!!! 

I am the only one who truly knows the tears, sweat and blood it took me to have you by my side. I never knew I’d get one of a kind like you. And i had to let OUR secret(s) out to help the rest too. 

I HAD TO HONE IT CONTINUALLY :It all began with a mere dream, i searched for you in the internet, I’d admire you for long since i couldn’t get hold of you for a long time. Dear, you were so far yet so close. I hoped for days that one day will hold each others arms and go places in peace. I couldn’t forget how our foundation began. I knew it would take time but i wasn’t going to give up on our dream. 

I HAD TO KEEP OUR STANDARDS HIGH :To build a great family of beautiful portraits, i had to be consistent. The good work we did together was what lit the fire in our tummies. We paid for it, i had to determine ‘our’ quality knowing that it would pay at the end of our ‘big ‘day dear. 

I HAD TO ACT WITH INTEGRITY :We both had to walk an extra mile everyday in order to get where we are today, i always kept in mind that it was journey worth a thousand steps but i always kept you in my heart. At times i had to work for free, and please the so called ‘friends ‘ which was not easy. I did that for you, and it got me my work out there which was all i ever wanted. 

Even after i could pay our bills at ‘SAROVA Stanley ‘.I remained true to you and so did you. We never took ‘selfies‘ at this point since you were camera shy. But why?  I came to understand later that you didn’t want people to ruin our relationship  .

I HAD TO GREET TEETH AND FORGE AHEAD :Just like it is for everyone I, it wasn’t a walk in the park. When we both started out. I remember mama thinking of how i had ‘bad ideas ‘when i opened up, to let you come home. Even after they had toiled so hard to take me to good schools and the university abroad, i couldn’t get you off my mind and heart. 

I HAD TO KEEP MY EYE ON YOU:i risked for you, i bled financially and i did not care whether it would work out or not. I always kept in mind that my life’s purpose would be fulfilled through you. After i had my first shot, i became absolutely certain about the direction we both were heading to. I even quit my masters class just to pursue you .

MY WORD REMAINED OUR BOND :Well at times, i couldn’t make it up to you  but you remained true to your words and actions too. You always delivered the best as long as i handled your base in the right manner .I kept you warm and covered during the winter, always had you indoors while we were free and this got our bond even stronger. Part of my modus operandi was not to let the cat out of the bag. I had to work it naturally. I knew every individual had something different. I had to find you, incorporate each and every skill just to keep it lit. 

WE HAD TO WORK WITH WHAT WE HAD; We both had no ‘real ‘ money while starting out, but i knew some day we would inspire a soul. The most important thing was that we had the ‘eye ‘.We never got tired. We sacrificed, but i knew a day would come when I’d hold youttight in my arms. 

I had to seek a mentor, my mentor was the media. Every time i made an effort to attend live shows as well as recordings just to see you perform. I’d skip my classes to keep in touch with you. I always had goose bumps on my oily skin while passing ‘CANON house ‘i would admire you in the display glasses but, then i had a dream, that one day I’d hold you in my arms my darling CANON CAMERA. 

‘I love you my CANON‘. 


COULD SHE Be The one… 

*The most intelligent girls are always stressed out* She’s always stressed out, because she has high expectations for herself. No matter how much she gets done in a day, she isn’t happy with herself. She knows that she could have accomplished more, that she could have found a way to be more productive. At the end of the day, she’s always disappointed in herself for not doing more.

She’s always stressed out, because other people believe that she’s invincible. They come to her with their problems, hoping that she can help sort things out. They never stop to realize that she could be struggling herself, that maybe she needs a helping hand.

 They take from her and forget to give.
She’s always stressed out, because she doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing. She acts like she has it all together. She has everyone convinced that she has a good head on her shoulders. 

But secretly, she’s lost. Confused. Unsure of what she should do with her life.
She’s always stressed out, because there aren’t enough hours in thhday. She strives to be the type of girl that balances everything — her career, her love life, her health, her friends, her family. 

But it’s hard to find enough time to go to the gym, get dinner with her date, and get drinks with her friends when she’s working half the day.
She’s always stressed out, because she puts a lot of pressure on herself. She knows what she’s capable of, which is why it’s so frustrating when she ‘fails.’ She has a habit of replaying scenarios in her head, thinking of how she could have handled a situation better, how she could have come out on top if she acted a little differently.

She’s always stressed out, because the future is constantly on her mind. Ever since she was little, everyone told her that she was going to make something of herself, that she was going to be rich and successful. She doesn’t want to let them down. She wants to reach her full potential.
She’s always stressed out, because she has a lot on her plate. There are so many dreams she wants to pursue, so many goals she wants to accomplish, and she doesn’t want to turn down any opportunities. She takes on more than is healthy for one person to handle.
She’s always stressed out, because life sucks. Even if she makes all of the right choices, she still gets hit with problems that she could never control. She still suffers from setbacks. She still has to deal with the horror of being a human.

She’s always stressed out, because the little things matter to her. She wants all of her work organized, all of her friends happy, all of her affairs in order. She wants to come as close to perfection as she can get, which is why her to-do list is never-ending.

She’s always stressed out, because she’s smart enough to see the truth about the world. She understands that people aren’t as nice as they seem, that lies and deceit and death surround her. She’s smart enough to know

that it takes effort to find happiness in this world, that she has to fight for it. 

This post was originally done by a WRITERS GUILD MEMBER


The Society we ALL live in… 

And we spend time with what we call our friends.  We put ourselves at risk to be the latest gossip trends. 

 It’s when we are left alone to ourselves that. We become aware of what we are.  

We see our conscious step out from the corner and every frebe and faded scar.  We realize we don’t like the shallow life we lead. 

 And wonder if it’s too late to correct every evil deed. 

The experience, the tolerance, the social love of dying We kill ourselves wide awake when in our sleep we’re fighting .(To destroy others)  But we were born to strive for what we swallow on tv ​ We starve and morph ourselves into what we are told to be